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Door Wammes

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20-01-2021, 22:17

Way back, around 1990, there was a newspaper-like publication called Computer Thuis. Basically, just an advertising rag but offering a lot of MSX software for sale. It was brought out by Time Soft. And I found some of these while clearing my VOA (Very Old Archives).

It's newsprint, broadsheet, and they show their age, the paper has yellowed. But still in good condition for their age. I need to loose nine issues: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14. Please bid on these in one lot, highest bidder gets them.
Unless you can convince me that these really, really shoud go to you, f.i. because you were the publisher and lost your own copies. Then I might let them go if you pay the postage.

Cheers, Wammes

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Van Manuel

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21-01-2021, 00:00

Darn, I am still looking for 3, 19 and 21 and beyond... Too bad you don't have these.

Van Wammes

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21-01-2021, 09:45

I'd say, buy them as trading fodder...