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Van Pac

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11-02-2023, 11:35

Yeah, it's the same Japanese user who made the FM patch for Hydlide 3. He's achieving very interesting things on MSX like this song or this Hydlide 3 patch, both with voices. It's well worth following his twitter account.

Van gdx

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11-02-2023, 11:42

About the patch for voices, we were talking about it here.

Van Cfox

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12-02-2023, 10:24

Yup. I am a new C2 user and didn't remember that C2 has 1MB memory. Why it didn't work is very obvious now that you said it LOL!

Little offtopic, I did knew before that Bad Apple has been made for a lot of systems, but I didn't knew that for so many. I checked yesterday and hot damn that is a lot of "ports" out there. I didn't spot a washing machine on that huge list, but it probably is out there somewhere.

Van Wlcracks

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12-02-2023, 12:48

works for me with Carnivore2 and VG8020/00
8K file with ASCII8 mapper setting

Van tfh

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07-04-2023, 11:17

Bad Apple MSX1 running in WebMSX online
Bad Apple MSX1 capture from OpenMSX (Youtube)
Bad Apple MSX2 capture from OpenMSX (Youtube)

Especially that MSX2 version is really impressive. I'm kind of wondering if a higher resolution (screen 7) is also possible?

Van DarkSchneider

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08-04-2023, 14:35

I though the interrupt were disabled by DiskROM when reading. How can stream data then? Maybe some devices does not disable interrupts?

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