Splipather, copy your retro files in a USB with a structure to find them easily

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11-03-2021, 22:06

Here you are Splitpather, GNU/Linux script than search in a source folder files with an extension and copy them to other destination path with a diferent structure where the name of the folder is first level is the first letter of the file, second one is the second, etc... to get easy to find files in a gotek or casduino by example.

This is the syntax:
First two parameters are mandatory but you can define the extension of the files and the depth.
I suppose than 3 levels is good for Amstrad DSKs but too much for console ROMs.

I add normalization to avoid FAT32 problems (all files and directories in lowercase, change spaces to _, make destination path only with name and letter of file name).

For example: we have a file called 3D Grand Prix.CAS, this will copied in destination path (using default 3 levels):3/d/g/3d_gran_prix.cas
We avoid problems with double files.

Our data will be look like this:

Here you are some instructions (only on Spanish by the moment).

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