Toshiba HX-10 no power

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Van Jipe

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afbeelding van Jipe

03-05-2021, 17:19


i post a error
purple - blue 18V=
grey - brown 9V=

with the mulimeter on AC
purple - blue 18V~
grey - brown 9V~

in AC we can reverse the probe

Van Wild_Penguin

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03-05-2021, 21:09

There are rectifier diodes to do the AC/DC conversion and some regulators (along with some related capacitors) on the mainboard.

In this case, it is probably way easier to repair the transformer than to use a switching mode power supply. There is no place on the M/B where you can input the DC voltages, so you would need to jerry-rig some kind of connectors yourself, and also the "dangling bit" of the original AC/DC conversion circuitry might cause problems, especially if they are faulty (which we do not know). You would need the +12, -12, +5V voltages. Also, as Jipe pointed out, the voltages are still AC before being regulated. You can not use a switching mode power supply here for the +18V, +9V lines as you suggested.

If I were in your shoes, I would try to seek out some electrician or at least a hobbyist how has more experience on electronics locally. The reason why you don't get anything at the transformer outputs is probably something very simple (a transformer is really quite simple device).

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