ROM with disk support clarifications

Door mzoran

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22-06-2021, 22:54

Hi all,

following info given at
on writing a ROM file with disk support I have reached some issues.
BASIC approach works fine and runs nicely in an emulator. Problems begin when I try to execute this on a real hardware. Sofarun 7 recognizes the ROM (48kb) as BASIC but running it just ends with syntax error message. I've tried with GR8NET and Fractal2000 mem mapper. GR8NET's _netbrowse approach just starts printing ROM contents on screen.

So I tried the H.STKE approach but when ROM_Exe label (see example in wiki) is reached, stack is super low at C1E4.
Am I supposed to set it myself to (HIMEM) or (STKSAV) ?


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Van gdx

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23-06-2021, 02:34

Can you link to the ROMs you created?

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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24-06-2021, 23:14

Now GR8NET knows about BASIC program ROMs made this way to be mapper type 6. Use {6} in file name for auto-start in browser.

Van mzoran

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25-06-2021, 16:15

Thanks for sorting that out.
As for sharing the ROM sure I can, nothing special, just copy/past from the MRC article + print stack on the screen.
H.HSTK approach needs to be clarified as stack gets very low. Besides that trying to run that from Sofarun does not work.