China new MSX manufacturing

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Van Pentarou

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17-08-2021, 01:12


It's not the large quantity that dictates if it cheap or not

Uhh yes it is. For example to build a mold for the plastic takes thousands of $; But once you have spent that, the actual plastic is cheap.
So for a quantity of 100 or 10000 your case manufacturing cost will be very expensive (Thousand/100) or not much (Thousand/10000). And that's just a percentage of the final cost of the computer.

Take a look at the prices I listed above and then compare the cost of them (sold by the tens to hundreds or thousands at best) with the cost of the NES mini consoles that Nintendo are selling (sold by the millions).
(FYI suggested retail price of the NES mini is 59.99$)


They are still making Famiclones

Yes I know.


so who is buying these??

Gullible people who doesn't know better?
@10$ price it's impulse buy territory: If it's trash it goes in the trash, no big deal.


these importers buy because it is cheap and don't know what it is.

These importers will look at the price of the NES based computer, then look at the price of the MSX based computer... And then will still import the NES based computer because it cost a fraction of the other LOL!

enribar wrote:

Maybe we'll have a cheap MSX console for Christmass!

???? oO
You can forget this Christmas and probably the next couple years too.
It takes months to start manufacturing goods for Christmas sales, and supposedly we are in a IC shortage period (parts are much more expensive than usual or take months to get).

Van gdx

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17-08-2021, 02:11

Pentarou wrote:

If you can find them nowadays for less than 10 $ on volume buy it's because they are just... Disposable crap sold by the thousands.

Exactly. The cartridge port contacts are bad and the pins break very quickly, game controllers imprecise and very fragile. The video output and as bad as the original NES. It would be impossible to read the texts in 80 column or SCREEN7 mode.

In addition, PS keyboards and analog video input are no longer common now. I think it's impossible to make an acceptable MSX for less than $50 on sale. It is difficult to sell several hundred MSX produces and it is the same for software. NES can still sell for thousands even if if it calmed down lately.

Van Pentarou

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17-08-2021, 03:10

Personally I think that a sub $50 game machine is doable, if we look at how much these cost:

Aliexpress example 1
Aliexpress example 2

But these are emulator based cheap (crappy) game-only machines, not what the OP intended.

Van janghang

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28-08-2021, 21:57

We can meet Chinese people or manufacturer in any hobby community in the world. Interestingly, the MSX scene is one of the few realms where we cannot see any Chinese or Chinese manufacturer. When MSX was released, China was rarely developed and nobody has used MSX. There is no Chinese who has a memory of MSX. MSX is also different from other consoles cloned by Chinese.

Van missumj

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29-08-2021, 07:12

i am writing something about the gaming stories in china. i can speak a little chinese but i'd say the subor company went bankrupt in november, 2020. the project of their new gaming console called "subor Z+" has been aborted. the c64 mini was also manufactured in china, but i don't know what factory is (i was told it's located in shen zhen), and i don't think it's really a "clone".

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