[WTS] MSX AX170 sakhr computer (working)

Door yass1ne

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13-09-2021, 23:20

i have a sakhr MSX computer AX170 my dad had it since the 90s, he gave it to me but, since i'm not really into retro i wanted to sell it to someone who is passionate about MSX and retrogaming and can take care of this beautiful machine.
the condition is good, and the computer is working great, has two cartridge slots.
the price is 120$ + shipping 60$
for interested buyers contact me on this email: yasthegeek@gmail.com
more info about the computer: msx.org/wiki/Sakhr_AX-170






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Van foody

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17-09-2021, 06:02

I will buy this from you but I would like to make a proposition.

A) I pay in installment until paid in full and then you mail it to me.
B) I will pay 80 dollars instead of 120 dollars and then 60 dollars for shipping cost.

Van sdsnatcher73

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17-09-2021, 07:26

I’ve sold a computer in this manner to foody before and everything went well. Hope you both can work something out.

Van foody

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17-09-2021, 07:56

Hehhe, thank you so much for that machine! Everyday I smile and enjoy it! It is well taken care of!!! Heheheh

Thank you sir for selling it to me. I truly appreciate it and I truly thank you for been patient with me all the way till the end!!! Big smile Big smile Big smile

Tha MSX AX170 sakhr was my childhood MSX and there is true memory and nostalgia behind it. But the real reason I want it, is that is the only MSX computer ever that can run the Qura'an cartridge. So I am going to use it for that and of course it have lots of educational programs in Arabic I would like to use too Smile So pretty much I am going to use that for serious application device only and not for games. I think there is a biology program in arabic, math, teach English, typing, etc.

Van yass1ne

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17-09-2021, 16:35

Hi, i've replied to your email.

Van wbahnassi

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17-09-2021, 22:55

Any Arabic MSX can run the Quran cartridge (170,200,350,370...etc), but I too just love the AX170. The form factor is just unbeatable Smile

Van foody

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18-09-2021, 01:57