Beer IDE works with SD IDE adapter

Door st1mpy

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03-10-2021, 21:33

I bought a SD IDE adapter (same one as this one shown in youtube) and tested to see if it works on the Beer IDE.

It takes a SD card and you can connect to the Beer IDE using a 40 pin IDE ribbon cable.
My Beer IDE has all 40 pins, but the ribbon cable I used had one in the middle blocked off, so I had to remove the blocking plastic from that pin to be able to insert it. This adapter needs external power, so I also had to give it 5v on the floppy power connector on the board (there is also 4 pin molex on there).
I partitioned the SD card on Windows using the Beer IDE partition tool.

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Van ~mk~

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04-10-2021, 03:00

And does it work?
Make sure it works well when reading and writing to the SD card.

Van gdx

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04-10-2021, 09:55

Van st1mpy

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04-10-2021, 10:14

Yes the photos and the pcb markings looks the same.
I tested saving files in basic, and running a game with loadrom tool and they worked. The drive letter orders were not what I expected but that might be due to the partitioning tool (just need to work out which drive is which partition). In one of the partition loadrom didn't work at first but that was copied to the sd on the pc, when I copied on top of it in msxdos it worked fine after that.

Van st1mpy

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04-10-2021, 10:16

For using a sd card, there is an option to use a cf adapter that has a sd card slot, this would not need a power supply and slightly cheaper. But I don't have one of those.
I bought this sd to ide because I wanted to use it on an old pc motherboard, and I don't have any ide hdd.