What modern monitor can work with V9990 power Graph

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Van ducasp

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02-12-2021, 16:08

edoz wrote:

I agree that is a bit a hassle for some of the devices to get the proper monitor and cable. I think the mean reason for this is that in Brazil they just don't know the standard SCART like we have in Europe. I saw the same issues with CPC version of the G9K from Brazil. To be honest. I have a Sony broadcast monitor. Those monitors can display almost every type of input. And my opinion is that a CRT is still the best picture (at least i love it)
I have a modern led display from BenQ (BL702A) monitor that works as well with 15 khz analog signal.
Only downside of that monitor is that you have to go the the setup menu of the monitor to activate it (every time you power on the monitor) You need to select the option in the setup to display the proper colors.

SCART is non existing in America in general top to bottom). Also, it doesn't help that the scart connector is taller than a MSX cartridge, not that the VGA connector bulging on the cartridge (small size) and not perfectly flush is a lot better, but a tad better, I think scart would need an adaptor anyway, perhaps they could have chosen a smaller connector and used different break-out cables, you could choose one when you buy it, I think that would be a more sensible route. Cool

Van Pokun

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02-12-2021, 21:52

Grauw wrote:
Pokun wrote:

Yeah a CRT with RGB and NTSC/PAL (composite and/or S-video) is better for old systems like the MSX if you have the space for one. They rarely support 24 or 31 kHz though (except for VGA monitors of course), and tend to be very expensive if they support two or all three H-sync rates.

The MSX V9990 cartridges only output 15 kHz though.

The multi-sync 24 / 31 kHz support is probably mostly relevant for systems like the X68000.

Yeah as I said NEC and Sharp PCs, PC-88 and PC-98 can use 24 kHz, so can some Sega arcade systems supposedly. Gamecube and PS2 480p modes also uses 31 kHz (EDTV), but I'm not sure if that is the same 31 kHz as PC-98 and X68000 multi sync monitors use.

Van foody

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02-12-2021, 22:36

Wouldn't it be funny if there is a device out there that so doesn't follow the Khz standard and it runs at 18 Khz!

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03-12-2021, 21:54

So that it doesn't work well with any existing video standard? At least it would be pretty useless.

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04-05-2022, 21:51

Grauw wrote:


sdsnatcher73 wrote:

This cable for Zemmix from Retrocables should work.

This seems fair advice.

I went for an OSSC and that cable just recently and the Powergraph Light picture looks great that way.

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