NMS8255 & NMS8250 for sale

Door herres88

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01-12-2021, 23:20

For sale i have a NMS8255. It comes with a keyboard, 2 original working diskdrives and a guide. The only minor thing is the little crack in the corner. If you are interested you can email me at djs--20004@hotmail.nl

The second one is a NMS8250 with a unconnected pc disk drive. The drive is in working order. I have tested it. It may or may not comes with the keyboard.

Last i have a VS8020. it comes with the power cable and thats is. It needs some attention on the casette port. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn't. I think is probably a soldering that came loose. Sometimes the keyboard won't work. I think this is because of the dirt on the keys. If interested send me an email. Pictures will be provided.

I'm all selling this because i want to buy a 8245.

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