Rtype rom. Problems loading in sofarun

Door _ThEcRoW

Master (145)

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17-01-2022, 16:16

Hello all, i `tried sometime ago to run this game on my ocm clone, but sofarun always says unsupported rom. I checked it and it has 384kb size, the same as the others i have found on several sites. Is there any rom correctly patched in order to play it via sofarun or megaflash sd?.
Thanks in advance!

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Van Guillian

Prophet (3513)

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18-01-2022, 08:08

MFR SCC+ SD should detect the R-Type mapper and load the game. When you try to load it using OPFXSD, what mapper does it detect?

Van _ThEcRoW

Master (145)

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19-01-2022, 11:31

Hello Guillian, at the moment only tried on the ocm. Will try later on the megaflash and post the results here.

Van ducasp

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19-01-2022, 21:33

OCM doesn't support RTYPE mapper, you can use versions that were changed to ASCII16 Mapper, those should work fine and have no impact on performance.

Van _ThEcRoW

Master (145)

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24-01-2022, 09:28

As you said, seems that ocm doesn't support rtype mapper. On the mfr scc worked at first try.