MSX MIDI Remakes 3

MSX MIDI Remakes 3

van Pac op 22-01-2022, 19:26
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Almost two years later, the famous and active Spanish group FKD known for its magazines FKD-FAN published in the 90s, is back with a new MIDI production. Remember that the team started this project with MSX MIDI Remakes and MSX MIDI Remakes 2 volumes.

The 3rd edition will contain 2 silkscreened CDs full of classic MSX music, in a few words, more than 50 tracks for your enjoyment. Following the same procedure, MSX MIDI Remakes 3 will be on sale coinciding with the Barcelona MSX meeting held this month. Those unable to attend the event can purchase the CD compilation via FKD's email (, price €12 excluding shipping.

Relevant link: MSX MIDI Remakes 3 video

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  • MSX MIDI Remakes 3
  • MSX MIDI Remakes 3
  • MSX MIDI Remakes 3

Reacties (2)

Van Randam

Paragon (1431)

afbeelding van Randam

24-01-2022, 17:19

Very cool; Is it possible to also purchase 1 and 2?


Paladin (864)

afbeelding van WORP3

11-02-2022, 15:15

Just ordered the complete set Smile