Arabic Keyboard Layout on none Arabic MSX BIOS and SubRom

Door alali.ahmed.t

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13-05-2022, 19:21

I am new in the world of modification for MSX. I recently converted Yamaha YIS-503II Japanese to MSX2+ Russian with the help of Alexey from RBSC.

I have good skills in soldering (thanx to this project of conversion), can read schematics, and navigate the bios and subrom files through Hex editor and make minor changes.

Now, I want to add the arabic keyboard instead of the Japanese or Russian so that I can use it in some of my arabic work and probably run some arabic rom where I can let my kid go through the sam experience I went through back in my childhood Smile.

I know that in the BIOS, you can assign the keyboard layout but that won't give you the arabic characters.

Any tips on how to change the keyboard language from one to another?

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Van gdx

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15-05-2022, 10:48

There are several Roms for MSXblue modified to localised them. Try to compare these Roms with a hexa editor to localize the area to modify thanks to system variables description.

Van alali.ahmed.t

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16-05-2022, 02:38

I can run arabic MSX1 and MSX2 successfully on my Yamaha YIS-503II after editing and combing some of the arabic rom files. But now, I want the MSX2+ to run with arabic keyboard. If someone knows what rows in the Subrom I should look for, that would be great because I could not figure out with comparsion!