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Door Eugeny_Brychkov

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26-06-2022, 08:04

I submitted news several (5?) days ago. News do not appear. What is the time required for news to be moderated and posted onto the site? Is feedback from the team provided?

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Van raymond

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27-06-2022, 05:43

Eugeny, to be honest I do not know. Maybe all the moderators are very busy and didn't have time yet to go through all the submitted items.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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27-06-2022, 07:55

I also thought this way until another news post appeared and mine did not... Maybe I submitted them incorrectly or entry was lot?

Van meits

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27-06-2022, 11:35

Hi Eugeny,
Between work, social life and other obligations the hobbyists behind the scenes do work on newsposts. There are a few things that decided my way of working: 1) Urgency, 2) Time available and (very important) 3) How it was delivered.
Newspost handling would be fifo in an ideal world. Though is not the editors' day job. The editors that do publish newsposts in their free time do cherry pick (we're all human). Newsposts that hardly need any editing will go first. If there's time and knowledge, an editor might pick newsposts that were delivered as "hey, check this link".
I've seen that your newspost is being worked on. It will be published.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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27-06-2022, 12:35

@meits ah ok, I though there's some kind of failure at my side. I submitted news first time, and had no idea how it works and what is going on behind the scenes. Thanks for clarifications!

Van sdsnatcher73

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27-06-2022, 13:22

I am very curious now! Can’t find any news on twitter even Wink

Van ro

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27-06-2022, 18:24

hai Eugeny,

Meits already gave you the meat; we're just lazy peeps with a family, job, or other things. Our queue of news posts has a few new entries, and we have to edit them all usually. We like to keep quality high, but that takes a bit longer for posts to reach the front page.

I took care of your post, it's on its way to get published. Thanx for your patience, meanwhile have another lemon.

Van Eugeny_Brychkov

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27-06-2022, 19:01

This is definitely not a problem, thank you for the clarification!
Please keep the good work up, as usual Smile