Oniric Factor is looking for music composers

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Door Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

afbeelding van Oniric-Factor

28-12-2022, 15:07

Happy Holidays!

At oniric we are looking for a musician who wants to collaborate with us making games. We have some collaborators, but right now they are very busy and we would need the help of someone else. If you know how to compose FM music, even better.

So I take this space to make a public call to anyone who is interested.

You can answer us here or write us to fenris782@gmail.com / info@oniric-factor.com

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Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

afbeelding van wolf_

28-12-2022, 18:16

What would the music format be?

Van erpirao

Paragon (1334)

afbeelding van erpirao

28-12-2022, 20:41

I think he's looking for moonblaster FM-pac, mbm 1.4 mainly, I guess moonsound will be useful too.

Van Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

afbeelding van Oniric-Factor

28-12-2022, 23:27

Hello Wolf_!

At the moment we are using music in .MBM format as erpirao commented

Thanks a lot for your interest!

Van norakomi

Paragon (1150)

afbeelding van norakomi

29-12-2022, 11:50

can you give some info on the kind of games you are planning to make and their specifications ?

-ram usage
-influenced by
-screenshot ?
-timelines ?
-only for msx ?
-hobby project or more seriously ?

Van ro

Scribe (5059)

afbeelding van ro

29-12-2022, 11:56

Van Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

afbeelding van Oniric-Factor

30-12-2022, 16:40

Thanks for your interest Norakomi!

We are working on several projects for MSX2, 128kb RAM and FM music.

The one with the closest release date is a remake of Spring Warrior, one of our first titles. It's a game with similar mechanics to City Connection, but with a Celtic setting, random level generation and a wider and more varied enemy line-up. This Game only need 2 music conpositions and a fanfarre. It's planned for the end of January/February. Screen modes 5 and 4.

Another game that we have very advanced is another DRIBOL adventure. A platformer with puzzle touches, as you also have to collect keys and pull levers. It will also have some final bosses, to give it variety. We have a music composer helping us, but we would need some extra help. This Game is scheduled for the middle of 2023. Screen mode 5.

In addition to these two imminent titles we have more projects in the pipeline, but they are not at an advanced stage of development and we will have to wait to show you something or make an official announcement.

One of them will have RPG/Adventure touches with top-down view and the other one will have a Castlevania-like mechanic.

We are nota closed only for MSX system. We work with NES, GB and Intellivision too.

Hobby or serious?

At oniric we approach all projects as serious and commercial, although in the case of MSX, sales are not high enough to maintain a real professional team. We rarely reach the 100-copy barrier.

In that aspect we are more hopeful in more popular and niche game systems, such as NES.

Van Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

afbeelding van Oniric-Factor

30-12-2022, 16:36

Spring Warrior


Van Manuel

Ascended (19678)

afbeelding van Manuel

30-12-2022, 18:56

Love these graphics Smile

Van tfh

Prophet (3428)

afbeelding van tfh

30-12-2022, 20:04

Indeed... Very nice colour scheme!

Van Briqunullus

Paladin (768)

afbeelding van Briqunullus

31-12-2022, 18:00

Is that an autumn tree in Spring Warrior? Lol. These are two very promising games. I'll await digital versions, like you have released in the past.

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