Alternative layouts in Konami cartridges

Door Niles

Hero (545)

afbeelding van Niles

13-09-2007, 22:23

Has anybody seen those strange labels before?

Monkey Academy and Yie-Ar Kung Fu

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Van LeoM

Master (229)

afbeelding van LeoM

13-09-2007, 22:56

Yes, those are the japanese versions of the games. In the early Konami-MSX days, almost all japenese and european versions had different artwork. From Yie Ar KUNG-FU are two different japanese versions. The one you mentioned, and the european layout, but with japanese text. By the way, in most cases the software/game is exactly the same. The only difference is the cart-label, box and manual.

Van Niles

Hero (545)

afbeelding van Niles

13-09-2007, 23:17

Thanks for the info, LeoM... I knew (and I own) the artwork with both kanjii and european text, but not with different draw.

I guess a *real* Konami ROMs collector should have all different versions existing... Evil