Life on Mars: Genesis for MSXVR?

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Door Kai Magazine

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25-02-2023, 11:50

Hello there!
We have the possibility to port our latest game (which is a remake of the 2015 MSX2 Life on Mars) to the MSXVR with the help of the MSXVR creator.
But since we don't know how many MSXVR active users there are nowadays we would like to know how many people would be interested in such a port before we invest too much time and money.
So if you are interested or you have any comments about it, please contact us at:
This way it is easier to keep track of all the comments and interested parties and at the same time we avoid having duplicated posts stating interest, so we can have a more accurate of how many people would be interested.
In order for you to be able to decide if you might be interested I will try to give you as much information as possible;
The game is a fully re-imagined remake of the MSX2 version with a power-up system based on currency, RPG elements, 3 weapons and several suit upgrades which grant new abilities, boss fights, a map that tracks the areas you have already explored and much more.
The game would be sold only in physical format with the usual Kai Magazine plastic case with custom white foam with the shape of the MSXVR cartridge, a full color manual with nice pictures and 4 postcards showing the new cover art (with and without censorship) and the original MSX2 cover art.

The price would be 55 euro + shipping.
I know it is expensive but the MSXVR cartridge alone costs us 30 euro, plus the material costs (which are more expensive on small batches as in this case) and the payment platform fees, we will earn less than 14 euro per game.

So, knowing all this, if you are interested, please contact us at the email I mentioned before.

If this goes relativelly well we will port our next game as well.

Here is a video of the game itself:

Best regards,
Oscar Kenneth

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Van valkyre

Paladin (704)

afbeelding van valkyre

25-02-2023, 13:40

Count me in

Van erpirao

Paragon (1334)

afbeelding van erpirao

25-02-2023, 16:26

One for me

Van Ivan

Ascended (9373)

afbeelding van Ivan

25-02-2023, 23:40

Email sent.

Van raymond

Hero (653)

afbeelding van raymond

26-02-2023, 07:05

You've got mail Big smile

Van journey

Hero (578)

afbeelding van journey

26-02-2023, 10:28

Mail sent!


Van S0urceror

Master (220)

afbeelding van S0urceror

26-02-2023, 13:26

Great idea. I’m in.

Van ducasp

Paladin (712)

afbeelding van ducasp

26-02-2023, 18:11

Perhaps you could do it natively for Raspberry Pi 3's and newer and port it somehow to MSX VR native mode, that would broaden the market quite a bit (even more if something that can be sold on Steam as Linux/MAÇOS)

Van raymond

Hero (653)

afbeelding van raymond

02-03-2023, 15:20

I hope enough MSXVR owners will buy a copy! The more software for the MSXVR the better!

Van RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1336)

afbeelding van RobertVroemisse

02-03-2023, 15:41

Count me in!

Van raymond

Hero (653)

afbeelding van raymond

04-03-2023, 13:11

Can you give an update if the minimum amount needed has been reached?

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