interesting article in about MSX published April 11, 2023

Door SvaboMSX

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20-04-2023, 21:33

though I do not understand why following article has been published one week ago in

(the content and key message I do not understand either) - as I am not so deep into these chipsets ...

it is maybe worth for others on here.

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Van TomH

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20-04-2023, 22:10

Is that a ChatGPT-style automatic article? A lot of it is confident nonsense, and parts of it are incoherent. E.g.


It’s fairly simple to reset the MSX. To blank a shot clock, press Reset on the controller, then Reset on the joystick. To reset the time, press and hold the joystick. The shot clock can be reset to zero or blank mode by pressing the shot clock set button in firmware 2.5 or later (MSX controller). Taking a few minutes to reset your MSX will ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency and allows you to get the most out of your computer.

Hope everybody now knows about maintenance of their shot clocks (?). Just use your joystick's reset button!

Never mind the weird claim that MSXs use "a Motorola 6845 compatible video chip" — the 6845 is a sync and address generator used in the BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and on the CGA graphics card amongst others but it's completely disjoint from the MSX standard and isn't really a video chip in most senses, in that it doesn't generate pixels or even prescribe any particular mapping between addresses and pixels.

Van ro

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21-04-2023, 18:28

yeah, funny. the paragraph "what is an Msx" shows a Honda MSX .. go figure.

or: What Console Is Msx?
MSX, which is an abbreviation for Microsoft Surface X, is a hybrid of a videogame console and a PC/Mac machine.

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Van PingPong

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21-04-2023, 18:50

motorola 6845 video controller. The usual article full of errors.... :-(

Van santiontanon

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21-04-2023, 20:08

it's not just a "usual article full of errors", it's an article full of nonsense! I agree with TomH, I am 99% sure it's autogenerated with a language model.