Metal Gear 3: Return for Jennifer (MSX w/ v9938/v9958/V9990)

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Door Accumulator

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26-05-2023, 13:58

I can quite supsrised a fan did not made a strong Fan-build metal gear.
But with V9990. Would be leap forward no?

Or too complex

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Van JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

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26-05-2023, 14:57

Well, something in the same vein would be nice.
I'd stay away from the actual IP, though. Konami's lawyers might ruin you for life.

Van thegeps

Paragon (1259)

afbeelding van thegeps

26-05-2023, 16:26

Yep, you don't need the same name. Look at what they did on MSX1 as "Prisoner of war". A game like Metal Gear and no issues Wink

Van Pencioner

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26-05-2023, 21:29

so Prisoner of War: Return for Helena ? )

Van max_iwamoto

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26-05-2023, 21:38

thegeps wrote:

Yep, you don't need the same name. Look at what they did on MSX1 as "Prisoner of war". A game like Metal Gear and no issues Wink

I agree 100%. Prisoner of War feels and plays like Metal Gear. Would be great to have sequel for MSX2/2+ Smile

Van Accumulator

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26-05-2023, 22:08

So, I it not allowed to use any names. characters, music, sfx, graphics, sprites, and other content created by Konami?
And what would happen if I did and send a copy to Konami/Kojima Productions and give them some proposals like being publisher, consultant, or just a free.
And if the game is well perceived, and ported to other systems (story / gameplay / etc) you get some royalties for every sold game.

Or do I have my hopes up too high?

I have been thinking a while combining Gryzor, Metal Gear, TNT and Ikari together.
Unfortunately I am a nono in graphics and music, and using all graphics there is in the world and reusing...
Beginning no problem I think.
But for sure Solid Snake must get few extra frames when doing action: like walking. (2 or 4 frames additional)
To get smoother movement.

And we are not 30 years later, so many tricks and new technologies (workarounds) we could use.

Van st1mpy

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26-05-2023, 23:50

From my lucky experience, that sort of thing is Not impossible to negotiate, but not sure if they'd be interested in a msx game....

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

27-05-2023, 00:53

Metal Gear Δ: Snake Eater for MSX? Big smile

Van Accumulator

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afbeelding van Accumulator

27-05-2023, 01:05

Would be more like: Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (like for GBA Color, but enhanced)

Nishi would be happy with another episode on MSX0 or MSX3... Wink
And a real rendering VDP with ultrafast GPU would not be so bad... (MSX3 with state of art NVIDIA, emulation is also possible on such monster)

Van Metalion

Paragon (1628)

afbeelding van Metalion

27-05-2023, 09:12

I already had several different ideas for a Metal Gear adventure (including making a "demake" of PS1 MGS1 on MSX), but there are several problems:

  • Metal Gear is one of the most successful franchise from Konami, so selling any game related to that might be a liability nightmare
  • What makes Metal Gear interesting is the depth and complexity of the scenario. And that part is much more complicated than writing the code to display rooms and soldiers
  • If you want to keep the fans happy (and yourself also, I guess) you have to keep a certain feel, and therefore it's difficult not to copy the graphics and characters

But if I had to keep one reason, it would be the scenario. Being able to write a very good scenario, with twists and turns, and some good depth to it, is quite a task. At least for me. I know that I am not capable to do that.

Van meits

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27-05-2023, 11:05

I guess the only option is to just make it, anonymous and in secrecy. Then, when done, release it for free in the grey area. Just like it was done with another great game a few years ago.

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