MSX Resource Center MSX Quiz (as held on Bussum)

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22-09-2001, 22:50

Here are the Questions in English: (actual one was in Dutch). I do not want to display all answers here. Try to solve it yourself (but with the internet available it should be piece of cake).


1. When was the MSX introduced to the public market for the first time? (as a REAL MSX!)

A. Spring 1983

B. Autumn 1983

C. Spring 1984

D. Autumn 1984

2. In 1984 Philips released the Music Module (NMS1205). Mention at least three different MSX sound cartridges and the manufacturer:




3. What’s the latest released MSX ever? And who was the manufacturer? I.E.: “Philips, MSX 1, VG8020)

That would be the :

4. which of the games mentioned below has never been released on a platform other than MSX?

A. Compile’s Golvellius

B. Falcom’s YS I

C. Konami’s Pippols

D. All of the above are released on other platforms

5. The two largest Dutch MSX magazines ever (MSX Club Magazine en MSX Computer Magazine) were combined. What was the name of the new magazine?

The new name was:

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22-09-2001, 22:52

Part III


11. Of which MSX programming language is the keyword VT part of?

The language:

12. The Russion spacestation MIR had a MSX on board. Of which brand and which type was this MSX?

It was: ..

13. Konami’s SD-Snatcher is undoubtly one of the most popular and wellknown MSX 2 games ever. In the game you are agent Gillian Seed. Mr. Seed works for an organisation called J.U.N.K.E.R. What are those letters standing for?


14.Early 1989 the MSX2+ was introduced in Japan. This new MSX was received with mixed feelings, but in one perception it was clearly better than its precendent: the amount of colours. How many different colours could this MSX show on screen?

No. of colours : .

15. In which year has the MSX Resource Center been founded?


Van Bart

Paragon (1422)

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22-09-2001, 22:52



6. Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Canon, Goldstar en Panasonic are some of the wellknown MSX manufacturers, but try to mention three other manufacturers of MSX computers?




7. It’s fairly known that the videochip of the MSX 1 and 2 is the VDP. But what is V.D.P. standing for?Bonus score if you know who the manufacturers of the MSX 1 VDP and MSX 2 VDP were!

V.D.P. means:

MSX1 VDP manufacturer:

MSX2 VDP manufacturer:

8. In april 2001 Kazuhiko Nishi (ASCII corp.) told on the MSX fair in Tilburg, that the MSX revival project will produce a.o. an official MSX emulator and a publically accesible MSX devoted website. What are the names of the MSX emulator and the MSX website?

Name MSX emulator:

Name MSX website:

9. Below you’ll find five softwarehouses and five softwaretitles. Combine the right softwarehouse with the right softwaretitle.

1. Philips

2. Compile

3. Konami

4. Radarsoft

5. Aackosoft

A. Flight Deck 2

B. Puyo Puyo

C. Ease

D. Comic Bakery

E. Dynamic Publisher

10. Around 1979 the Dutch radio and television company N.O.S. started broadcasting computerprograms on radio in their radioshow Hobbyscoop. In 1982 a standard was introduced to send and translate these broadcasts to ASCII format which the receiving homecomputer could understand. As a result the N.O.S. could transmit programs for a.o. Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, Amiga, Sinclair ZX81, ZX-Spectrum, QL, Philips P2000T, Acorn Atom, BBC, Electron, Tandy TRS80 and MSX in just one broadcast. What are the standard and the likenamed translation program called?

It is (was) called: