Help with the translation to English of "Turbo 5000"

Door manolito74

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12-02-2009, 14:57


First of all, sorry about my horrible english, but i'm spanish... :-(

I'm looking for help in order to translate the "Turbo 5000" utility which I think it's in dutch.

I've made a "doc" with the captures of differentes screens of the application. I only need that someone translate the texts and i'll made the modifications in the original application.

If anyone can help me, please write to me at the following GMAIL address: josemanuel74

Thanks in Advance. ;-)

note: there are just a few sentences what need to be translated :-)

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Van mohai

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12-02-2009, 15:45

Try to use an on-line translator. Traslations from Dutch are quite readable. First you get the "automated translation" and then you only need to rewrite some sentences...

Van Huey

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12-02-2009, 16:44

Or just post the screens/sentences in this thread.

Van manolito74

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12-02-2009, 19:56

Hello again!!!:

Thanks to everybody for your help.

I have solved my "problem": a user from this forum is helping me to translate the text.

When I had finished the translation and tested it, i'll share with us.


Van _Nikanor_

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25-08-2009, 10:04

How the work is going?

btw: Can i use Turbo5000 as debugging tool? There is function - disk monitor. What it for?