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Door Vampier

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29-04-2010, 07:50


Who are the people on the picture

1) Sir Sinclair and his daughter
2) Sir Sinclair and his grand daughter
3) Sir Sinclair and his wife


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Van dioniso

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29-04-2010, 07:52

4) Photoshop Tongue

Van Vampier

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29-04-2010, 07:55

Not photoshop-ed

Van dioniso

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29-04-2010, 07:58

Just joking...

Van edoz

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29-04-2010, 08:44

i hope for him his wife... WinkLOL!

Van wolf_

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29-04-2010, 10:10


Van larsthe18th

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29-04-2010, 13:42

The BBC did broughtcast a comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s.
Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market.

More info can be found here

Mico Man can be downloaded on several torrent sites.

Its a great drama with lots of humor, a must see for homecomputer lovers. it also contains the answer to Vampiers question.

Van lionelritchie

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30-04-2010, 00:41

kay nishi married a virtual idol.
sir clive is SUPERIOR.

Van JohnHassink

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30-04-2010, 03:22

Ehm, you see this kind of girls every day outside.
What makes you think you need to be that old and have a lot of money to meet them? Smile