One Chip MSX USB keyboard

Door ivanovic

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24-07-2010, 11:29

Hi all!

I wanted to attach a kid's keyboard (those with huge coloured buttons) to my omsx for my kid but found out most ps2 keyboards are gone in shops and all kid's keyboards are usb

I tried a mac usb keyboard with a usb o ps2 adaptor and didn't worked.

Is anyone aware of any restriction for this setup? do I need to check for something special?
If Yes, can any of you recommend a kid's keyboard or if not, a small MSX like PC keyboard that works on OMSX with the adaptor?

Does it pass the Nemesis test? (diagonal + fire all together)

thanx in advance!

with your answer you will contribute to make possible the arrival of another "Leader of Society" MSX fan Wink and one dad happy

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Van ant0niutti

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24-07-2010, 14:47

Hi, about the "nemesis test", I found only 2 keyboards without the controller bug:

Model: SK-2860

Model: RT7D00

Both of them PS2.

Van JohnHassink

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24-07-2010, 15:54

Is it really a bug?
I thought this 'ghosting' was just cheap & lazy design.

Van Manuel

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24-07-2010, 17:40

What's an OMSX?

Van ant0niutti

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24-07-2010, 17:54

Is this a bug? Technically I guess not. The keyboard is designed to type (not to play), and they all do it.
I found an interesting text:

"The PS/2 keyboard was originally an extension of the AT device. It supported a few additional host-to-keyboard commands and featured a smaller connector. These were the only differences between the two devices. However, computer hardware has never been about standards as much as compatibility. For this reason, any keyboard you buy today will be compatible with PS/2 and AT systems, but it may not fully support all the features of the original devices.

Today, ´AT keyboard´ and ´PS/2 keyboard´ refers only to their connector size. Which settings/commands any given keyboard does or does not support is anyone's guess. For example, the keyboard I'm using right now has a PS/2-style connector but only fully supports seven commands, partially supports two, and merely "acknowledges" the rest. In contrast, my ´Test´ keyboard has an AT-style connector but supports every feature/command of the original PS/2 device (plus a few extra.) It's important you treat modern keyboards as compatible, not standard. If your design a keyboard-related device that relies on non-general features, it may work on some systems, but not on others... "

Van ivanovic

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25-07-2010, 09:14

thx for your answers!

OMSX should be One Chip MSX or.... tachaaaan!!! Ooooooooohhhhh MSX therefore OMSX... at least this is what frieds say when they discover the MSX logo on its case or when the MSX logo shows up at launch time

Regarding my first question... what about using USB to PS2 adaptors? does anyone use a USB keyboard?
By the way... is there any One Chip MSX extension to support usb keyboards directly?


Van SaebaMSX

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25-07-2010, 12:47

ivanovic... I think you could be Spanish (I could be wrong though Tongue). The key rollover was discussed here some time ago:


Anyway, I've found that some really cheap keyboards work while other more expensive don't. I think that we should try to do a kind of list with that information (OCM firm, keyboard, max key rollover...)

Good luck!

Van jltursan

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25-07-2010, 13:12

Regarding my first question... what about using USB to PS2 adaptors? does anyone use a USB keyboard?

Yep, I'm using an USB keyboard through PS/2 adapter and it works flawlessly (well, sort of, it fails Nemesis test). It's actually close to this model: Slimlink mini keyboard