Contra (Konami) - two new versions

por Sander em 07-10-2002, 09:51
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Konami will release two new Contra titles. Contra; Shattered Solider for the Playstation 2 and Contra Advance; the Alien wars EX for the GameBoy Advance. The Gameboy Advance version is based on the Super Nintendo version, but with some new levels and multiplayer options for two GBA's. The Playstation 2 version is 2D based, but the objects in the game are 3D rendered. Current release info: Playstation 2 version 15 November, Game Advance version 5 Oktober. Gamespot has put online an interview with the director of the PS2 game at,10870,2882026,00.html

They also have a lot of photo's, movies etc. of the game online.More information about the Gameboy Advance release at

You can order Contra: Shattered Soldier for Playstation 2 over here.
You can order Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX for Gameboy Advance here.

Konami Japan also has put a Contra page online, but it is still under construction:

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FINALLY a game-developer who admits that unnecessary use of 3D negatively affects gameplay. Go Konami!