por BiFi em 28-07-2003, 08:11
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Source: Hans Otten

Recently the domain went offline once again. Unfortunately this time it might result in a permanent down state due to technical problems. After 4 years the server experienced regular problems with memory and harddisks and it has served the MSX community quite well. hosts several interesting MSX related sites:

  • HansO's MSX info pages
  • Delta Soft
  • Meridian Home
  • MSX-Club West-Friesland
  • the IRC:CGI client to the Undernet MSX channel
  • Hardware info page

and probably some more. A few of these hosted site have a mirror running elsewhere: Delta Soft and many information files of HansO's MSX info pages can be found in the Funet MSX archive.

To get all hosted sites online again Iwein van Caelenberg (the administrator) hopes to find somebody who is willing to help getting online with a server, otherwise will be down permanently.

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Por Bart

Paragon (1422)

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28-07-2003, 19:02

Crap! Maybe Iwein can share with the community what the problem exactly is. Does he need a HDD? Or something else? Not that I got spare parts, but maybe someone has.

Also, why don't the sites that are hosted all these years for free all cough up 100 euro's so that Iwein can buy some new gear? Ain't that an idea?

Por MichieldeVries

Rookie (24)

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28-07-2003, 22:36

I agree with Bart. If Iwein needs some financial support, I'll support him with that. All the people who're hosting their sites on could do that without any financial contribution.

Por JEames

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31-07-2003, 00:08

If anyone needs hosting, I have a server with space. Not much bandwidth (256Kbps) but quite reliable. Just contact me at (take of the "nospam." it's just to keep email spiders away).

Por Sander

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31-07-2003, 11:20

@nospam is something the spiders remove nowadays. It is better to use a domain name on the end that doesn´t exist instead of a subdomain. Because even if the scanning software doesn´t remove your @nospam, it will still be delivered on your domain, in the postmaster@domainname e-mail box. If you are not the hostmaster of your domain, someone else will still be fed up with spam.

So, if your e-mail adress is, please use something like alice AT wonderland com.
or something like alice + at + wonderland + . + com.
Most scanners will look for the @ sign, dots etc.