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por wolf_ em 01-11-2011, 22:25
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It's already been since the end of 2004 that Brazilian cartographer only_69 is around with his maps, and it certainly doesn't look like he'll be pulling the plug any time soon. He takes requests too, and that's what made Justin De Lucia ask for a map of a specific Mario clone: Super Bioman 4. It was created by Korean developer Segye-ro Electronics for MSX1. Do you have any requests for a map? Let's hear it!  

Relevant link: MSX Solutions

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Por FiXato

Scribe (1738)

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01-11-2011, 22:46

Pumpkin Adventure III ;-)
Or maybe Illusion City?

Por Samor

Prophet (2154)

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02-11-2011, 12:16

I don't think I knew that clone yet there was another one aside from the Super Boy series...

Por ro

Scribe (4758)

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02-11-2011, 13:28

nice Smile

Por cidra

Master (202)

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02-11-2011, 16:05

Now, let's find "Super Altered Beast" by Clover (so Fabio can make a map of it).

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3555)

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02-11-2011, 22:41

Map requests:

- Fire Hawk - Thexder 2
- Psycho World
- Bubble Bobble
- Athletic Land
- Doki Doki Penguin Land
- La Abadí­a del Crimen (MSX2)
- Shrines of Enigma
- Alien-8 (MSX2)
- Knight Lore (MSX2)
- Akin
- Bombaman
- Valis 2
- Hydefos
- Zanac Ex
- Aleste
- Aleste 2

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (6318)

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02-11-2011, 23:35

Athletic Land is a game without any end and that is made with repetitive parts. Also the case of Cabbage Patch Kids, whose A.L. is actually a clone !

The best for this kind of game is a YouTube video, for example on my channel :

Remark : the easy way is online, the hard way will come in the future !

All the other suggestions are interesting, but Fabio will make for sure his choice ! :)

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9992)

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02-11-2011, 23:59

Valis 2 has multilayers.. that's a bit of a problem for a map made out of static images.. ^^

Por scrimpeh

Supporter (6)

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04-11-2011, 00:54

Question, you guys. In the ROM I downloaded, it is possible to just walk through every level on the map except for the last one. Is that normal?

Por LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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04-11-2011, 13:20

A suggestion: Craze.

Por Konamito

Paragon (1040)

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04-11-2011, 22:14

Suggestion: Pippols (Konami).

Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3555)

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05-11-2011, 03:23


Well, IOTZM also has multi-layers and have a map posted there. Smile

Por RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1319)

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07-11-2011, 10:02

How about The Tower of Cabin. A walkthrough would be nice as well ;)

Por only_69

Hero (565)

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07-11-2011, 16:35

Hi people.
In truth, I do not like to map adventure games very much.
Definitely, games having multilayers are difficult to map. As you can see, something is lost in the map when you look at the background (scenario).
Platform and shooting games are the ones I like more. One I started and stopped for a while is Testament. It is very good but it is a giant game.