Missing Konami games?

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Por Pat

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19-08-2005, 11:35

- RC708 Action Boat
- RC709 Spelling Bee

Does anybody know if these games actually were released?
I think i'v seen both games , but i'm not completely sure:
a) Action Boat: The screen shot looks very familiar, but i'm not sure if what Ii played had the Konami label. Anyone knows of simular games?
b) Spelling Bee: Might have seen at someone else MSX in the 80's.

Por MäSäXi

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21-08-2005, 07:41

Time Pilot again looks just like advertising picture, just like many other advertising photo´s in the beginning of the eighties. As you look, there are LOTS of bullets around the screen and many planes, all placed somekinda symmetrically, ie they all are heading for YOUR ship! Ie there is lots of exciting action (many deadly bullets and planes) on screen to force kids to buy the game! It looks just like many old videogame adverts!

Por Oscar

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21-08-2005, 17:48

Pat, I remember a similar game called 3D Water Driver, from Colpax label.


Paladin (1012)

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21-08-2005, 22:09



Paladin (1012)

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21-08-2005, 22:12

sadly some guys in the past spread rumours about VAMPIRE KILLER 2 with SCC hmmmm....

Por BiFi

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22-08-2005, 06:55

which doesn't exist... not on MSX(2) anyway...

Por zett

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22-08-2005, 09:24

played that game a lot!


need to find that disk again

Por Samor

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22-08-2005, 17:57

which doesn't exist... not on MSX(2) anyway...

and Castlevania 2 on NES is quite bad.... on the contrary, 3 is very good and does use a special soundchip in the Japanese version.

Speaking of CastleVania, I wonder which came first, the NES or MSX version. Anyway, apart from the graphics, I like the more action-oriented NES version better.
The MSX version has some quite odd game design decisions, in fact...

1) Why on earth does Dracula's castle have futuristic electrical doors, complete with buzzing sound?
2) Why are there merchants in the walls?
3) And why do you have to hit the merchants to make them sell something to you?!

Then there's the gameplay differences... the secondary weapon system isn't quite as well working as in the NES version, and the addition of keys makes it more boring.

Por Randam

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22-08-2005, 19:13

The first version of Castlevania is of course on the NES, mostly because it wasn't called Castlevania on either the Famicom or MSX Smile

IIRC I read (on the mrc) that the franchise was first published on the famicom and shortly after that on the MSX. But I think the current Konami Castlevania team recognises the MSX version to be at the origin of the game. I base this losely on some links in Lament of Innocence, which IMO is ment as a prequal to the entire series. You can even unlock an arranged version of the vampire killer theme.

I like the MSX version a little better, although it does have its drawbacks. But in my mind an ideal version of Castlevania would be "Vampire Killer meets Maze of Galious": an enormous castle with loads of items, puzzles and perhaps RPG elements (story?). Symphony of the Night was a step in the right direction IMO, but the use of items and RPG elements could have been implemented more thoroughly.

Odd game design elements have been at the core of the series:
- hitting candlesticks to acquire hearts
- (non-msx) breaking down walls to obtain roasted chicken
- crouching on specific points to get hidden treasure (you're not getting any heavier so what's up with that?)
- use of the roman numeral stones in Castlevania IV: what's the logic behind that?

In the end it al comes down to different styles in the game. Castlevania games, up untill the playstation versions, were more action-based. Vampire Killer has some puzzle elements apart from the platform action. It's all a matter of tastes.

Por Rouhija

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29-08-2005, 18:06

Here's some pictures from Finnish MSX meet from last weekend. The pictures are from unreleased Konami proto Keyboard Master:


The game is propably one of the early RCs. The voice mode booted to MSX basic mode. And by little adjusting of the components with a screwdriver there came some speech, like "You flunked" and some alphabets. Interesting piece of software!

All the pics from the party can be found here.

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