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11-01-2013, 21:48

Bubble Dream (8.20)

  • Meits: Very impressive graphics thanks to the use of a media file. An X-Basic version has been added for extra speed, but that version has not been judged. Very well done.
  • Fukenko: Excellent! especcially graphics! Effects and addictiveness are also excellent.I can't believe that this is only 10 liner. But this game is nothing but Hudoson's "Cannon ball" clone and practically needs turbo R or KUN-BASIC to play. So I scored bit severe.
  • Adolfo: I can't believe this game has only 10 lines! This game in Basic it's better than some entries presented for the MSXDev!

Shuriken (8.13)

  • Meits: Just like BUBBLE DREAM very impressive graphics. It requires a lot of reaction speed of the player. It's 3D. What else do you need? It's more than one could expect from just 10 lines of basic code.
  • Fukenko: Well-made action game.I can't but give high score because this is a NINJA game Wink . Useage of media file is skillful. Miss-hit fellows feature is very good.It will be better if tempo is more speedy.
  • Adolfo: Great tribute to the Shinobi bonus stage. Good graphics and well measured difficulty.

Runner 2000 (8.10)

  • Meits: Note: Very beautiful player sprite. Very natural running animation. The obstacles should have been of the same quality as the player. Maybe the background could have looked nicer with the use of a media file, but perhaps the planet where this game takes place is just this desolate.
  • Fukenko: "Obstacle race game" is so usual,but this is very well-made game.Especially,feature of double jump is excellent. Smooth animation with no mediafile should be praised.
  • Adolfo: This game has a very good minimalist graphics and the double jump feature makes it very addictive. The runner's sprite gives a good sensation of movement.

Arrows (7.87)

  • Meits: A very nice puzzler. Again the ten lines are filled to the max. Nice addition is the scrolling background and the level difficulty settings. No media file was needed.
  • Fukenko: It's amazing that implementation of GRAPHIC 2 mode character,animation,various difficulity mode and addictive rules by only 10 lines with no extra mediafile in Z80 mode! This is "Shang-hai"-like puzzler, but feature of "obstacle" is not seen on "Shang-hai". I feel I saw the great potential of 10 liner.
  • Adolfo: Very original puzzle game with colorful graphics.

Lifeguard (7.63)

  • Meits: Nice graphics. Good use of the media file. It would have been a clean 7 points if the steering was a bit easier. But what else do you expect on a wild sea? It's nice to see that the games difficulty increases during play.
  • Fukenko: Radio control car-like key operation is good! It's difficult to control but therefore amusing. Various wreckage and animation of drowing tourists is funny.Only fault is slowness in Z80 mode!
  • Adolfo: Very good graphics and details of the obstacles appearing to increase the difficulty. A Turbo R is needed to play with a correct speed.

Shangri-La (7.50)

  • Meits: Nothing to add except with some music it would've been a nice 90's scene demo. It brings back the good ol' memories.
  • Fukenko: Cool demonstration program! I have seen few demo programs because demo program was not so grown in Japan.
  • Adolfo: Very good graphics demonstration.

London Rain Matrix (7.47)

  • Meits: Visually it remembers of the handheld games from the 80s. A good retro feeling. It's way easier than SIDE STEP, which is a lot like this game wise.
  • Fukenko: Nintendo's Game&Watch like graphics is very good.Atmosphere of the screen is great! If there are some stimulating features,it will be more exciting.
  • Adolfo: Very nice tribute to the old "Game & Watch" machines. The difficulty increases in a very well measured mode.

Retromania (6.97)

  • Meits: Nice Space Invaders look-a-like. Mentionable points to upgrade are the graphics which could be a bit better and maybe some more bullets. But then again, it might be a tad too easy if one got a machine gun.
  • Fukenko: Old good style "Invader game" like Shooter.Graphics of retro pratforms are beautiful. Enemies simply go down,so it will be more amusing if there is another appearing patterns.
  • Adolfo: A very good Space Invaders clone with good graphics in just only 10 lines.

Sidestep (6.93)

  • Meits: Impressive speed sensation thanks to the scrolling background.
  • Fukenko: It's very good that each three enemy fighters have different speed.Because of this,dodging has been more thrilling. Collision is severe but tempo is also nice.I like this game and played again and again.
  • Adolfo: Good scrolling but very difficult. Sometimes it's impossible to avoid the enemies.

Fog hunter (6.90)

  • Meits: The media file has been used for a very nice intro screen. The game itself contrasts against this intro screen. It's all a bit slow.
  • Fukenko: Idea is nice,but the game is bit monotonous.Some extra contrivance will make this game more amusing,I think. I like cool title screen!
  • Adolfo: Original game with a good presentation.

Train (6.87)

  • Meits: Starting this game it's not totally clear what to do. Reaching the front of the train looks like a goal. It's not certain if you can fight your enemies, and if so, how. A manual would have helped. Eventhough the game lacks speed the maker used all available speed to add environment fillers. There's passengers in the train and cowboys alongside riding their horses. Well done.
  • Fukenko: Great background graphics! The purport of the game,making the platformer in 10 lines,is ambitious trial. As the author Oscar says,character routine isn't the best because of the limitation of 10 line. I really want to see "uncut" version.
  • Adolfo: Platform game with awesome graphics. It has to be played on a Turbo R for a good playability.

Manhole (6.80)

  • Meits: The manual was needed to find out what the purpose is of this game. Also to find out the irregular controls. This game would have scored higher if a media file was used for the graphics.
  • Fukenko: Originality is rather lower because this is ported game,but it's a nice port. It's very good that reproducing of the rule,manhole lid can be moved after a pedstrian once stepped on the lid!
  • Adolfo: Another tribute to the old "Game & Watch" machines. It's very addictive and very difficult.

Endless fall (6.73)

  • Meits: A bit like BAT UP! but then the other way. Nice graphics. The player sprite looks a lot like the hero in VVVVVV. There are 4 difficulty levels. Good one.
  • Fukenko: It's too difficult to dodge and tempo is not so good that I was not so addicted to. But cyberspace-like background graphics is very cool!
  • Adolfo: Smooth and playable game. Sometimes it's very difficult or impossible to avoid the walls.

Mutate (6.57)

  • Meits: The coder demonstrates that code can be rewritten without human interaction. Pretty impressive.
  • Fukenko: Experimental and unique work tough to score.Originality is excellent! We might make various interesting program by applying this program.
  • Adolfo: This program rewrites itself. I have never seen something like this before, except for programs that erase itself with the NEW command.

Moon rescue (6.20)

  • Meits: I had to play this game in an emulator because it gave me an immediate GAME OVER as soon as the screen was drawn on my real MSX. Pity. The game will teach your bystanders a lot new cursing words when you hit the walls again.
  • Fukenko: An "Orthodox" landing game.It is rather amusing when working on turbo R,but it could work enough on MSX1 Z80 mode. But this game has enough quality as a "landing game".
  • Adolfo: It's a very good landing game but a bit slow. Maybe using a media file for the graphics can make it faster.

Bat up! (6.13)

  • Meits: This game is really hard. The ten lines are filled very good. Pity the game is partial in Spannish. No media files was needed.
  • Fukenko: It's very nice that platform not only downs but shakes. Though idea is nice,but it is bit unpolished.That idea contributes addictiveness little because of high difficulity. This game must be more addictive by some adjustments.
  • Adolfo: Nice game but a bit slow. Very positive using a media file for the graphics and sound.

openMSX memory (6.10)

  • Meits: Nice but very slow due to the animations. Turbo R is required to make it playable. Nice as well to see the faces behind openMSX and the possibility to add your own pictures.
  • Fukenko: An eccentric game.Why openMSX developpers? though there are a lot of pretty MSX girls!? BTW,speed is slow but "openMSX developpers" mediafile is essential for this game. I really like this feature,to use openMSX developpers for the game!!
  • Adolfo: Good graphics but the effects for turning the cards make the game a bit slow also in a Turbo R.

Ball bouncer (6.07)

  • Meits: Graphically unfinished. A bit of a pity that the word Level is a bit too much to the right of the screen causing the actual level to be printed on the next row. Not bad, but could be done better.
  • Fukenko: Concept of "bounce on a trampoline and get a key" is nice.But I feel that somethig is missing. It will be better if there are some contrivance, e.g. elaborate a behavior of ball...
  • Adolfo: Original game but it seems incomplete. If some enemies or obstacles were added I think it would be better.

Julia generator (5.90)

  • Meits: The low score is mainly due to the speed. There's nothing the coder can do about it because the MSX is just not fast enough to make fractals in a desired speed. It also requires a bit of knowledge about fractals to get something worth looking at. Luckily the coder added example figures in the initial data gathering screen.
  • Fukenko: Mathematical caliculation program just like this is my favorite. Slow speed is unavoidable for this sort of program on MSX.
  • Adolfo: Original graphics generator, but there is not enough information about the parameterers we need to input to obtain a good one.
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Por Jorito

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11-01-2013, 22:33

Wow, that's a very detailed and informative write up. Great job, members of the jury, you were very thorough!

Por mars2000you

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11-01-2013, 23:19

The jury has made an excellent work, congratulations also for the judges !

Por snout

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11-01-2013, 23:43

Indeed a very nice jury report -- I decided to change the layout of the first post a bit, though, to improve readabiliyt/scannability. To all contestants AND the jury members: thank you very much for your hard work!

Por fukenko

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12-01-2013, 03:28

Thanks to all contestants! I really enjoyed your works and jury.
BTW,I fixed some garbling on my comments.

Por Oscar

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12-01-2013, 12:08

Thank you for your comments! I will try to learn my errors and do it better next time! Smile