[BUY] RGB scart cable for sanyo Wavy (sony hb-F700 and panasonic Turbo-R should work also)

Por stefA

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26-04-2013, 11:22

Dear All,
it's time to proudly admit that I'm really bad in soldering. So I give up.
Do you have a spare RGB/scart cable for my Wavy to sell?
Shipment to Italy.


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Por Retrofan

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26-04-2013, 18:40

@stefA: try Repair-Bas, he should have it

Por SkyeWelse

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26-04-2013, 19:32

Hi StefA,

Just in case you need the link to Repair Bas' website: http://www.bas-ditta.info/

He's made some nice custom cables for me in the past when I didn't have them. Nice guy too.


Por Pac

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27-04-2013, 12:24

If Repair-Bas cannot provide it (I doubt Smile ) try with Retrocables

Por stefA

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29-04-2013, 20:43

Thank you guys,
You're really precious!