The Cartridge-Only philosophising

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Por sd_snatcher

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13-12-2015, 14:37

These days, having the physical product is just a matter of wanting to have a collector's item or not. Cartridges are useless as a anti-piracy measure.

I would love to be able to collect whatever comes out, but to me there are some additional factors that complicate things up:

1) I live in a small apartment. So I have to be picky on what items I'll collect or not.
2) Importing physical stuff to Brazil is complicated for several reasons:
- The BRL->EUR exchange rate is currently at 4.26. Our currency value has just melted since the last year. The government will also tax an extra 6.38% currency conversion tax on any international purchases. This means you'll want to strip any unneeded costs, like shipping
- Import taxes are at a excruciating 60%, and arbitrarily the customs decide that it will be much more. But not all packages are taxed because they randomly choose which ones will be taxed, so it's kind of a reverse lottery: sometimes you'll loose - a lot. Digital releases have no such problem.
- It takes at least 2 to 3 months for the package to arrive, and the chances of it being lost/stollen are high. Again, digital releases are free of this

Please keep in mind that I'm not against physical releases. In fact, I love them. They have real collector's value and also aftermarket value. Digital releases have no value at all after you bought them. But, for the reasons mentioned above, sometimes I'll have to choose between the digital release, or not experiencing the game at all.

Por AxelStone

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13-12-2015, 16:58

I suposse that both positions are respectable as long as you respect author's work. Obviously physical version is clearly more attractive, the feeling of has something in your hands, a new MSX game... However not allways is possible depending of several factors as @sd_snatcher comments:

  1. Limited space, not all people has infinite space to store games.
  2. Shipping cost? MSX users are worlwide, so for a Brazilian, Japanese or Argentinean user it should be really expensive to pay for a physical game.

With that points in mind, I consider that digital versions of the games are a good choice. The last game I purchased was Kai's Illusion City demo and I purchased in digital format to use with my megaflash.

Por RetroTechie

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13-12-2015, 18:17

Maybe I'd be one of those few digital buyers then... Unless a game stands out far above existing games, with € 40 to spend I'd rather put, say, 8x € 5 in various creator's pockets (and play 8 games), than put that € 40 in one creator's pocket, knowing that perhaps half or more goes to the cartridge box + circuit board makers (and play just that 1 game).

That said: interesting numbers you posted there, Kai. With those numbers in hand, I can understand (and respect!) your point of view. Let's just hope that paid downloads aren't dead in MSX world - it still is the most cost-effective way to get software out there (and profit from it).

Por iamweasel2

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13-12-2015, 23:32

Sd-Snatcher said it all, I don't have to add anything. I live in Brazil too so I have to deal with the same problems: small apartment, huge taxes, long time to receive, package lost / stollen... so I buy digital or I probably won't buy it. Even hardware I try to buy from Brazilian people, just to avoid the problems above. It was not a easy decision since I like to collect stuff, but things are what they are.

Por iamweasel2

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13-12-2015, 23:31

Anyway, I don't think it is fair to put everyone that prefer a digital copy as someone that will not buy software. Besides those reasons Sd-Snatcher said, I have my own reason to prefer a digital version. I almost never play a game (I have no time to do it), but when I do, I prefer to play using an emulator, even with 3 MSX machines at my home. I like to play in a big screen with a sharp image and most important, My time (and patience) are getting smaller and smaller as I get older, so I like to save the game or even rewind it when I make a mistake (yes, I became a cheater with age). Smile

Despite my decision to play using emulators, I bought 7 or 8 MSX boxed cartridges this year, just to put in my shelf. All were classic MSX games that I've been playing since the 80s (most of the games in my shelf I already had when I bought the cartridge), so it is not fair to say that everyone that prefers a digital version just want free stuff.

Por anonymous

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13-12-2015, 23:57

iamweasel2 wrote:

Despite my decision to play using emulators, I bought 7 or 8 MSX boxed cartridges this year, just to put in my shelf. All were classic MSX games that I've been playing since the 80s (most of the games in my shelf I already had when I bought the cartridge), so it is not fair to say that everyone that prefers a digital version just want free stuff.

That's right. It is not fair. Let's say 'ALMOST EVERYONE that prefers a digital version just wants free stuff' instead.

Por pitpan

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14-12-2015, 01:21

There is a very good way to get digital editions: become an MSX game developer yourself. Developers do share their games for free between them, just to help debugging, getting qualified opinions, etc. So, start to study right now and produce some games. From this point, it's up to you to release them for free or not, in digital or physical format.

Por Kai Magazine

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14-12-2015, 02:45

Hello, I just had the time to read all this discussion (it is 2:40 in the morning here).
While I can understand both sides, and I can agree or disagree with some things, I am pretty sick of agruing at the moment so I will not give my opinion.

I am here only to point out that, in the first page I see Giuseve is asking for
-No Name
-Life on mars

Right after that, he was pointed out that Lilo, No Name and Nuts are in fact being sold in digital format, and since he is asking for Life on Mars, he oviously saw the news on Life on Mars where he can find our contact information.

A few posts later, he posts a new list where you no longer can see Lilo and Nuts (among many others), so he already adquiered those games, but he never contacted us to make the purchase of those 2 games or even to ask for the price, and we know he has access to our contact information and he knows those are being sold in digital format, so this particular digital MSX user seems to have no intention to pay for any of them (at least for now).

Well, that is to be expected, but who the heck is evil enough to send the roms to this guy??!!

Giuseve, do you have any intention to legally purchase those games you already recieved, as well as No Name, if you want it?
If so, contact me at

I will let you all know if he contacts me and purchases the games. This should be a good example.

Regarding Life on Mars, it could be a good "social" experiment to create a list of potential digital buyers, let's say 20, and if from today to February 1st, the list gets to 20 potential buyers, We will ask for the payments then, and send the digital version of Life on Mars for 15 euros to those 20 buyers on February 1st, (we will even personalize it with their own name in each rom)

What do you say? this should be interesting. I am really intrigued to see if there are as many real digital buyers as they say.
Our past experiencie says otherwise, I doubt we will even get to 10 (I know there are some legit buyers who will participate) but what the heck, let's give it a try!

Any interested, please put your nick name in the list and resend the entire list in the next post so noone gets lost.

Goal: 20 digital buyers. Time limit: February 1st.

Ready, set, GO!

Por hap

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14-12-2015, 03:43

sure I'll take one...

Kai Life on Mars2000 ! digi-buy pledges list:
01 hap

Por iamweasel2

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14-12-2015, 04:00

I just remembered a funny thing. Some months ago, I was asking here in MRC for a cartridge version of Pointless Fighting. The game was released as a rom, but I wanted a physical cartridge, with box and manual since it is such a iconic game, it would be nice to have it here in my shelf. But the cartridge was never produced.

Here in this thread we have people asking for a digital version of games released as cartridges. Funny as it seems we always want what we cannot have. Wink

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