MSX games with speech

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06-05-2016, 19:54

- Konami Keyboad master.

I've also done very game friendly speech engine for SCC that can talk during game. It is very CPU friendly (and tiny) while comparing to ie. regular music player... Other than that it is quite bad and has somewhat Finnish accent. Smile Too bad I've had no any game / demo projects where I could have used it. (Only example is on this song). Point is: I also would like to see speech used more in games as an effect. In MSX Info Update 2008 intro demo I had also even worse speech synthesizer for MSX tR that was ie. singing Finnish folk song "Porsaita äidin oomme kaikki" (Mama's little piggies) and Metsäkukkia (Forrest flowers, traditional wedding waltz)... Yes, I know... it is not a game either...

Por madscient

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06-05-2016, 20:33

- Laydock2 (T&E SOFT)
- PUYO PUYO (compile)
- Madou Monogatari 1-2-3(compile)
- Bosconian (namco)

Por JohnHassink

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06-05-2016, 20:47

Por ~mk~

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07-05-2016, 02:47

Space Rescue (among other bytebusters games)

Por wimpie3

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07-05-2016, 09:04

Lots of Dutch games with speech it seems.

Por gdx

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07-05-2016, 09:49

Space Rescue seems to be dumped without samples.

Por ren

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07-05-2016, 12:33

JohnHassink wrote:
ren wrote:

[*]Aleste 2 (anyone knows what she's saying btw? I reckon after choosing a weapon she calls it out (it's name)(?) (Perhaps someone can confirm if it matches the names from the manual (see msxrepo)? And what about after pressing space @ title screen? Curious here :))

Yes, those are the weapon names ("round cutter", etc.), and at the title screen, it's something like "I, Ikinori/Ellinor (?) Wison/Waizen, will go for it" IIRC.

Ok, thanks. Makes sense / seems plausible :)

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07-05-2016, 16:05

Not a game, but still: Fony DemoDisk #1

Por ToriHino

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07-05-2016, 16:31

Also not a game, but to create the same effects voice effects yourself, as used in a lot of Aackosoft or Bytebusters games:

Mastervoice Wordstore:


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07-05-2016, 17:18

The samples sound very cool! How do you do the scc data?

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