Raspberry Pi - openMSX auto installer

Por Vampier

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12-11-2017, 01:01

openMSX auto installer can be installed by typing this into the command line:

This short piece of code will do a few things:

  • Install the latest release of openMSX
  • Install system roms in the right locations
  • create a start up script that starts openmsx straight into a Panasonic A1GT with an MFR SCC+ SD plugged in

F12 has been remapped to pause emulation.

If you want openMSX to start automatically please add ./start_openmsx.sh to the end of your .bashrc file.

openMSX runs best under Raspian Stretch Lite:

Please use a Pi2 or a Pi3 (also works fine with any Pi Zero)

To get even more performance replace the content of /boot/config.txt with:


For the cost of a small SD card (8gig min) you have your own Turbo-R :RNFF:

A big thank you to José Cerrejón González ( http://misapuntesde.com ) for providing an openMSX Pi version.

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Por Vampier

Prophet (2397)

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13-11-2017, 23:04

Added a GUI and switched to the official Raspian version

Por Argon

Paragon (1120)

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05-12-2017, 11:41

Cool man, I had to figure everything out myself and waste a lot of time.
This will surely help a lot of people get it up and running quickly.

Por Vampier

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09-05-2018, 06:57

I've sort of abandoned this in favor of Sedai Linux.

Here is a demo showing openMSX running on Sedai (boot time is real time and not sped up or cut - I counted about 6 seconds from boot till MSX logo)


Por larsthe18th

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29-12-2018, 13:44

Sedai Linux works very well indeed, once you have configured it.

It also includes 'Fast DOSBoX' and a few more emulators.

Por hamlet

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29-12-2018, 14:24


Sedai Linux works very well indeed, once you have configured it.

And provides a very fast booting.

Por Pencioner

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29-12-2018, 15:41

Never heard of Sedai Linux before, but looks interesting, gonna try it

Por x1pepe

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02-03-2020, 00:01

Thaks! I will try!

Por LtData

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03-07-2020, 20:08

hi there!

About Sedai Linux, i couldn't access local network after installation. No "eth" devices were created.
Have you any problems on network configuration? Could not find Sedai documentation on the internet...

Por wimpie3

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16-07-2020, 22:14

@vampier You wrote you abandoned Raspian, but does this script still work and are there certain things to config when installing Sedai?