Help hacking and restoring AX-350II sakhr

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Por ali6x944

Master (198)

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18-09-2018, 18:43

hi again dear MSX community,
Thanks for all your guidance during this project...
seeing that amiga and atari st users started heavily implementing gotek drives in their machines...
also, it is quite convenient for the time being, but I am not sure if it can remap its inputs and outputs to work with the format in my machine, as all gotek drives I found were of the PC variety.
1)Can the gotek drives remap its inputs and outputs to work with other floppy drive formats?
2)If so how?
thanks a lot to the gr8 MSX community for their guidance and love Big smile

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

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18-09-2018, 21:02

Check FlashFloppy project

It can turn your Gotek drive into whatever you want (well, sort of...:-))

Por msxski

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20-09-2018, 18:29

Hi Ali,
Remind me again what we talked about.

I still have my AX350II and also the floppy drive.


Por ali6x944

Master (198)

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24-09-2018, 14:02

msxski wrote:
ali6x944 wrote:

I washed it with isopropyl alcohol last night to remove the flux residue of the board and to clean it a bit from dust and stuff like that.

Some of the add-on boards (I forget which ones) in mine didn't take too kindly to Isoprop. ItJust be careful. My add-on board coating started to melt..

If you really need an original floppy-drive for the AX350II, then I might be willing to trade my drive. It don't use it, I use MegaFlashRom mostly, so I disconnected it. It is untested though.

you gave me an offer for the floppy...

Por Alaadeen

Expert (107)

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25-09-2018, 12:02

I have a similar machine with a disc drive that gives FILE NOT FOUND error message
the computer was so good and clean all my thoughts that the disc drive must be working but its not
there is no weird or funny sounds just tries to spin and give me that message
any help ??

Por ali6x944

Master (198)

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23-11-2018, 09:13

@ Alaadeen I think it is due to bad sectors but I'm not sure...

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