V9990 Light with samsung syncmaster 710v

Por dracul

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08-02-2018, 17:44


As my Philips MSX monitor won't work with the V9990 I went to the store and bought this samsung syncmaster 710v.

It supports 15.7 kHz and 60Hz.

But all I get is a greyish image, even when the MSX is running.

Am I overlooking something? Something to take in consideration?

Any thoughts on this?


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Por dracul

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09-02-2018, 10:46

Ok!!! I finally got it to work :-)

Only thing is... a normal monitor for MSX let the colors bleed somewhat, and the graphics look much smoother that way... this monitor doesn't, so it's really pixelated :-(

Por Manuel

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09-02-2018, 17:33

Please share problem analysis and solution!

Por dracul

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10-02-2018, 18:34

Hahahaha, I was just thinking... should mention what the problem was... and surfed back in, to mention it... And then you already asked :-)

and it was really dumb...

I didn't put a V9990 game in, as I expected that the computer would boot into BASIC. Which it didn't.

So when I put in one of the Kai Magazine games, then it would give me the game on the Samsung monitor.

Still not getting it to work on my Philips monitor though, which is really sad, as the graphix/colors aren't good with the Samsung :-(

Por Ivan

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19-02-2018, 19:11

Which cable should I use to connect a PowerGraph Light (with the optional adapter that has S-VHS and composite outputs) to a european CRT TV set with SCART input?

VGA DB15 male to SCART? (do they exist???)
S-VHS to SCART? (like this one?)