Pengiun Adventure princess - dead or alive

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19-12-2006, 02:00

Right... this is one of those issues that has haunted the MSX community long enough. Every time you finish Konami's marvellous Pengiun Adventure there's the big question:

Is the princess alive, or has she already died?

Is she alive when you only pause the game once? Is she alive when you do or don't use warps? Is she alive when you don't kill any dinosaurs/dragons with your gun? Is it a combination of it all? Or something else? Lets settle this matter once and for all. The dirty way. The decision whether or not the princess is alive occurs at the moment the end-demo starts. So, when running the game in an emulator with a debugger one should be able to see exactly which conditions are being checked and on which conditions the life or death decision is made. Question is: who's going to do the dirty job? ^_^

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Por BiFi

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19-12-2006, 06:57

alive = (number times pause is pressed MOD 4) + 1

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