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Por Tolvatar

Paragon (1037)

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03-12-2018, 23:41

Of course Manuel and rderooy.
Send me an email to:
Tolvatar2k3 at hotmail dot com
I give you access to my OneDrive account so you can take any photo you need from my collection.

Por rderooy

Paladin (686)

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06-01-2019, 20:08

It took more than a month, but I have updated GenMSX with the scans collection.

The collection did not contain any big surprises, all the software, apart from just a few tape magazine style titles, were already in GenMSX, but there were a few releases like from Dro Soft and System 4 that were previously missing.
The vast majority was indeed Spanish tape software, with just a few disk titles and a few Japanese titles.

Por Manuel

Ascended (19462)

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06-01-2019, 21:18

Thanks r!

Por rderooy

Paladin (686)

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07-01-2019, 09:44

With the Konami book just announced, looking at the Konami listings on GenMSX, I noticed that quite a lot of Konami manuals have still not been scanned. Here is what I came to:

- EC700 - Japanese Word Processor unit (JP)
- KN327 - Green Beret (EU)
- RA003 - Konami's Uranai Sensation
- RA006 - Konami Game Collection 1 (JP)
- RA007 - Konami Game Collection 2 (JP)
- RA008 - Konami Game Collection 3 (JP)
- RA009 - Konami Game Collection 4 (JP)
- RA010 - Konami Game Collection Extra (JP)
- RC700 - Athletic Land (JP)
- RC700 - Athletic Land (EU)
- RC716 - Cabbage Patch Kids (JP)
- RC716 - Cabbage Patch Kids (EU)
- RC712 - Circus Charlie (JP)
- RC714 - Comic Bakery (EU)
- RC704 - Frogger (JP)
- RC748 - Ganbare Goemon (JP)
- RC742 - Gradius 1 (JP)
- RC764 - Gopher's Ambition Episode II (JP)
- RC765 - Hai no Majutsushi (JP)
- RC715 - Hyper Sports 1 (JP)
- RC717 - Hyper Sports 2 (JP)
- RC733 - Hyper Sports 3 (JP)
- RC733 - Hyper Sports 3 (EU)
- RC760 - King's Valley II (JP)
- RC761 - King's Valley II MSX2 (JP) (same as RC760?)
- RC706 - Video Hustler (JP)
- RC736 - Konami's Boxing (JP)
- RC732 - Konami's Soccer (JP)
- RC732 - Konami's Soccer (EU)
- RC723 - Konami's Golf (JP)
- RC707 - Konami's Mahjong (JP)
- RC731 - Konami's Ping Pong (JP)
- RC741 - Konami's Synthesizer (JP)
- RC720 - Konami's Tennis (JP)
- RC713 - Magical Tree (JP)
- RC702 - Monkey Academy (JP)
- RC728 - Mopi Ranger (JP)
- RC746 - Qbert (JP)
- RC730 - Road Fighter (JP)
- RC705 - Super Cobra (JP)
- RC753 - Usas (JP)
- RC703 - Time Pilot (JP)
- RC710 - Hyper Olympics 1 (JP)
- RC711 - Hyper Olympics 2 (JP)
- RC740 - Twin Bee (JP)
- RC744 - Vampire Killer (EU)
- RC725 - Yie ar Kung-Fu 1 (JP)
- RC737 - Yie ar Kung-Fu 2 (JP)
* Note the manual for Konami's Football is online, it is the Soccer edition that is missing

- RC752 - F1 Spirit (EU)
- RC718 - Hyper Rally (EU)
- RC706 - Konami's Billiards (EU)
- RC723 - Konami's Golf (EU)
- RC728 - Mopi Ranger (EU)
- RC742 - Nemesis 1 (EU)
- RC751 - Nemesis 2 (EU)
- RC764 - Nemesis 3 (EU)
- RC746 - Qbert (EU)
- RC758 - Salamander (EU)
- RC749 - Maze of Galious (EU)
- RC703 - Time Pilot (EU)
- RC710 - Track & Field 1 (EU)
- RC740 - Twin Bee (EU)
- RC737 - Yie ar Kung-Fu 2 (EU)
* Incomplete here means not all languages were scanned, also some of these scans are of low quality.

Manuals for early Konami games released by others (Pooyan, Sparkie, Juno First, Crazy Train, Computer Billiards) are also missing, as are the Casio published editions of Konami games.

If your looking for Konami manuals, go to GenMSX and lookup the game, under the respective release you will see a "Manual View online" link if the manual is available on If your aware of any other manuals that have been preserved, please provide a link, or if your willing to scan your copy, have a look at the first page of this thread as to how to scan (300 dpi and such).

Por Phoenix55

Supporter (2)

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23-11-2021, 09:30

The links are dead,someone could replace them

Por MajorTOM

Master (219)

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23-11-2021, 16:16

Can´t find RC724 Konami baseball neither...

Por pokemontrainer

Supporter (12)

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04-12-2021, 11:22

Are any new links available for this? The posted ones are (still) dead...
Regarding the naming scheme: using backslash in the name prevents using the structure on windows machines, can we use an alternative (did anyone already chose an alternative?) ?

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

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04-12-2021, 12:26

If someone needs space to host the files, you guys know where to find me...

Por Tolvatar

Paragon (1037)

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16-03-2022, 00:17

Hello there.
It´s been a while since the last update, hehe.
But we were working all this time.

Here´s the link to our account at Mega:

Right now there´s 158Gb of data uploaded to our account. We pay 50€ each year for a maximum of 200Gb so if anyone want to help with a donation or offer space to host (and the traffic) just contact me.

There´s a file named [MSX Scans] (2022-03-14).xml. This is the SuperDat file for RomVault. This way if you have some of the old files around your HD you can check them and see what´s missing.
At this moment we are working on creating son PDF files with info of what´s scanned at the moment and also the resolution of the scans.
We replace many of the old files (300 dpi, png) to better resolution (600dpi, tiff) and add also many other stuff.
Now there is few more than 1200 titles scanned (not all complete, but 90% of them)

If you want to help us (we make for fun) just contact me at:
tolvatar2k3 at hotmail dot com

Also, if anyone see an error on some of the files tell us.
Thanks to anyone who contribute in all this years of work.

Por Pablibiris

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16-03-2022, 06:20

Nice work Tolvatar!
Where I can contribute to the maintenance of Mega account?

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