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Por Manuel

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16-03-2022, 07:33

Cool! Just a technical question: what's the advantage of TIFF compares to PNG?

Por Briqunullus

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16-03-2022, 07:59

TIFF is optimized for print and supports both CMYK and RBG color spaces. It’s one of the most popular formats for high-quality graphic prints and photos.

Por Tolvatar

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16-03-2022, 09:24

Pablibiris wrote:

Nice work Tolvatar!
Where I can contribute to the maintenance of Mega account?

You can send a couple of euros through PayPal to:
tolvatar2k3 at hotmail dot com.
I use the money to pay the hosting
Also i make and entry on the thread with contributions so everything it's clear and public

Por Tolvatar

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05-04-2022, 11:40

April update.
New and replaced scans


Batalla del Pinguino, La (1985)(ASCII, Indescomp)(Sp)
Ewoks and the Dandelion Warriors (1987)(Walther Miller)(Sp)
Game Land Special (1985) (Casio) (Jp) (Falta cinta)
Seiken-Acho (Taekwon-do) (1986) (Irem, Microbyte) (Sp)
Taiyou no Shinden - Asteka II (1987) (Falcom, Tokyo Shoseki) (Jp)


Chopper (1986)(Bytebusters, Eaglesoft)(E,Nl,Fr,De,Sp)
GFX9000 Toolbox (2003)(Sunrise)(BigClam)(E)
Murder on the Atlantic (1986)(Cobra, Infogrames)(Carpet)(G)
Ooh no grams (2021)(Delta Soft)(E)
Red Lights of Amsterdam (1986)(Bytebusters, Eaglesoft)(Sp)
Snatcher Act 3 (2021)(Delta Soft)(E)


Club Hnostar N§ 6 (19XX)(Club Hnostar)(Magazine)(sp)
MSX Soft Magazine A¤o 1 N§ 2 (1985)(Monser)(Magazine+Jewel)(Sp)


Koei Comercial 4
Koei Comercial 5


10 Computer Hits 3 (1986)(Beau-Jolly)(DoubleJewel)(E,Sp)
10th Frame Bowling (1986)(Access Software, ERBE)(Clam)(Sp)
Backgammon (1984)(Electric Software)(Jewel)(E)
Bounder (1986)(Gremlin Graphics, ERBE)(Jewel)(Sp)
Breaker Breaker (1988)(Eurosoft)(DoubleJewel)(E)
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech)(Clam)(E)
Classic Adventure (1985)(Melbourne House, Aackosoft)(Jewel)(E)
Cluedo (1986)(Leisure Genius)(Cardboard)(E)
Disc Warrior (1985)(Alligata,Philips)(Clam)(Sp)
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1985)(Martech)(Clam)(E)
Fara¢n (1985)(ABC Soft, Compulogical)(Jewel)(Sp)
Ghostbusters (1985)(Activision, Proein)(Clam)(Sp)
H.E.R.O. (1986)(Activision, Proein)(Clam)(Sp)
Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin Okhotsk ni Kyu (1985)(Login Soft, ASCII)(BigCardboard)(Jp)
Intocables, Los (1990)(Ocean, Erbe, Musical 1)(Jewel)(M1J018)(Sp)
Jet Bomber (1986)(Bytebusters, Compulogical)(Clam)(Sp)
Martianoids (1987)(ACG, ERBE)(Jewel)(Sp)
Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision, Proein)(Clam)(Sp)
Maxima (1984)(PSS)(Clam)(E)
Nightshade (1986)(Ultimate, ERBE)(Clam)(Sp)
Out Run (1988)(US Gold)(DoubleJewel)(E,Fr,De)
Pac-Mania (1989)(Grandslam, Zafiro)(DoubleJewel)(Sp)
Pat goras - Reflexi¢n de la Luz Espejos Planos (1986)(Idealogic, Ediciones SM)(Jewel)(Sp)
Pitfall II Lost Caverns (1985)(Activision, Proein)(Clam)(Sp)
Red Moon (1985)(Level 9)(Clam)(E,Sp)
Runner (1987)(Loriciels, Proein)(Clam)(Sp)
Shit (Oh Shit!) (1985)(Bytebusters, System 4)(Jewel)(Sp)
Sorcery (1985)(Virgin Games, Aackosoft)(Jewel)(E)
Sorcery (1986)(Virgin, Discovery)(Clam)(Sp)
Splash (1986)(AIP, Mind Games)(Estuche GR)(Sp)
Spy vs Spy (Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper) (1987)(First Star, Eaglesoft)(Clam)(Nl)
Terramex (1988)(Grandslam, Zafiro)(DoubleJewel)(Sp)
Tetris (1988)(Mirrosoft)(DoubleJewel)(E,Sp)
Vacuumania (1984)(PSS,Philips)(Clam)(Sp)
Winter Games (1987)(Epyx, US Gold)(DoubleJewel)(E,It,Fr,De)

Por Gradius2

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27-04-2022, 03:19

Dude, NEVER use hotmail. Is totally THE WORST.

Btw, congrats on the project.

Por Tolvatar

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12-05-2022, 13:16

May update.
New and updated.


Alibaba and 40 thieves (1984)(ICM, Sony)
Backgammon (1984)(Tecno Soft, Sony)
Bomberman Special (1985)(Momo, Hudson Soft)
Car Fighter (1985)(Casio)(Jp)
Computer Billiards (1983)(Konami, Sony)(Jp)
Hyper Olympic II (1984)(Konami, Sony)(JP)
Multitext (1986)(VictorSoft)(Clam)(E)
Music Studio G7 (1985)(Sony)(BigCardboard)(E,It,De,Fr,Sp)
Ninjya Kage (1984)(Hudson)(JP)
Raid on Bungeling Bay (1984)(Broderbund, Sony)(E,F,G,I,Sp)
Yami no ryuo hadesu no monsho (1986)(Casio)(Jp)
Youkai Yashiki (1986)(Casio)(Jp)

Phlips Data Recorder D6450 Manual (Philips)(E,F,G,I,Sp,Nl,Fi,Sw)
Sony Floppy Disk Drive HBD-30W Manual (Sp)

10 Hits MSX (Proein Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
After the War (1988)(Dinamic(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Altered Beast (1988)(Sega,Activision, MCM)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Budokan (1991)(Electronic Arts, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Capitan Trueno, El (1989)(Gamesoft, Dinamic)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Carlos Sainz (1990)(Made in Spain, Zigurat)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Cazafantasmas II (Ghostbusters II) (1989)(Activision, MCM)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Continental Circus (1989)(Taito, Virgin, Dro Soft)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Double Dragon (1989)(Melbourne House, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Emilio Butrague¤o 2 (1989)(Ocean, Topo, ERBE)(DoubleJewel)(Sp)
Eye (1987)(Endurance Games)(Cardboard)(E,Sp)
Harvey Smith's Showjumper (1985)(Software Projects, ERBE)(Jewel)(Sp)
Jai Alai (1990)(Opera)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Klax (1990)(Domark, Tengen, ERBE)(Jewel)(Sp)
Magic Johnsonïs Basketball (1990)(Melbourne House, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Mejor de Dinamic, Lo (1988)(Dinamic)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Michel Futbol Master (1989)(Dinamic)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Multi Sports (1990)(Dinamic)(Cardboard)(E)
Mundial de Futbol (1990)(Opera)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Mystical (1991)(Infogrames, ERBE)(Cardboard)(Sp)
North & South (1991)(Infogrames, ERBE)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Pinball Blaster (1988)(Eurosoft, MCM)(Jewel)(Sp)
Power Drift (1989)(Activision, MCM)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Rescate en el Golfo (1990)(Opera)(Cardboard)(Sp)
S.W.I.V (1991)(Virgin, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Shinobi (1990)(Virgin, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)
Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix (1990)(Zigurat, ERBE)(Cardboard)(Sp)
ST Dragon (Saint Dragon) (1990)(Jaleco, Dro Soft)(BigCardboard)(Sp)(Alt tape)
Tortugas Ninja (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) (1990)(ImageWorks, MCM)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Trivial Pursuit (1987)(Domark, ERBE)(Cardboard)(Sp)
Vortex Raider (1988)(Eurosoft, MCM)(Jewel)(Sp)

By the way. Thanks to all contributors, old and new (you know who)

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