Parallax MSX Games are now freeware (finally)

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Por Manuel

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05-12-2021, 22:46

parallax wrote:

I recently found the pretty old backup disks I had for Core Dump, which should contain the main sources and likely those of an (early) version of the promo. However, I couldn't completely read them anymore, and couldn't properly reconstruct what they exactly backed up -- and some stuff was compressed using some msx thing, which made things harder. I might try to have a look again in the next weeks, but it might take quite some effort to piece together what goes where and how to invoke things again. Given that the rest of my life is pretty busy at the moment, I'm not sure if this will happen soon...

Ever made some progress with this, Cas? Would be so cool to have that stuff better preserved than just the amazing Core Dump Promo 1.

Por foody

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07-12-2021, 03:25

Where can I find these games? Any help would be greatly appeciate it.

Por sdsnatcher73

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07-12-2021, 05:20

Check out the file-hunter… hint these are all MSX2 disk games Wink so search for Parallax in that folder.

Por ro

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07-12-2021, 07:22

Por gdx

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16-01-2022, 07:38

ARC works on a few MSX2 only. It doesn't work on MSX2+ nor MSX Turbo R. A fix would be welcome.

Por gdx

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17-01-2022, 13:26

In fact, ARC works on most MSX2 up to Turbo R. It was only the demo that didn't work on MSXs with the frame rate at 60hz.

You can fix it by replacing 3A E8 FF E6 02 B7 C8 by 3E 4F 32 AE F3 B7 00 at the ofset 04B1E7h in the DSK file of the disk 1.

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