The Brazilian-printed Clube MSX magazine has pre-orders open for their new issue, number 14. Although initially written in Brazilian Portuguese, this new edition will also get an English version.

Clube MSX is a quarterly released Brazilian print magazine dedicated to the MSX system. The publication is aimed at collectors and platform enthusiasts, aiming its main focus on the present day without leaving nostalgia aside. This MSX oriented magazine is stocked to the brim with interviews, reviews, tips & pokes, software and hardware analysis, and everything else that makes a good magazine worth reading.

Clube MSX magazine #14 is taking online pre-orders per Friday 5th of November. Also included in this edition as a bonus, is a double-faced poster of the Souls Keeper (2021) game from Oniric Factor, and Gold Disk #4. But perhaps the biggest news is that the magazine presents for the first time an English version for the whole globe to enjoy. A long-time request from foreign readers; Clube MSX has been sent to more than 10 countries, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Spain, United States, France, Netherlands, England, Italy and Japan.

With the announcement of the English version, the magazine might as well be an international x-max gift for all MSX lovers. For R$29.00 / €5.00 / $5.00 + shipping charges you can already purchase the Clube MSX magazine #14. The pre-order runs until December 20. To secure your copy, head over to the Clube MSX #14 pre-order page.

relevant link: Clube MSX Magazine #14 announcement

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Por The Apeman

Master (252)

imagem de The Apeman

05-11-2021, 15:21

Actually, they plan to send them in January, so that's a bit late for x-mas. And you need to create an account on a site that's is entirely in Portuguese. Still ordered though. Can't wait.

Por ro

Scribe (5057)

imagem de ro

05-11-2021, 15:26

x-mas 2022 Smile

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

imagem de hamlet

05-11-2021, 16:14

Wohooo! Finally in English! Thanks so much!

Por mariocavalcanti

Expert (114)

imagem de mariocavalcanti

05-11-2021, 17:15

Thank you for your support! Smile

By the way, just to explain to those from other countries, Catarse is a very popular crowdfunding platform in Brazil. There's a hint for those who don't speak Portuguese: scroll to the bottom and choose your language. I believe this will make things easier. Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (3424)

imagem de tfh

05-11-2021, 19:47

Yes Smile I've ordered one to Smile Looking forward reading a real MSX magazine again Smile

Por valkyre

Paladin (698)

imagem de valkyre

06-11-2021, 09:14

Got one coming to the UK!

Por dracul

Master (171)

imagem de dracul

06-11-2021, 17:35

I ordered mine... Big smile

Por shalafi

Master (164)

imagem de shalafi

10-11-2021, 19:46

I also ordered mine

Por valkyre

Paladin (698)

imagem de valkyre

22-02-2022, 19:47

Magazine arrived today!

Por tfh

Prophet (3424)

imagem de tfh

22-02-2022, 21:21

valkyre wrote:

Magazine arrived today!

Cool Smile Hopefully I can receive mine soon as well Smile Enjoy reading it!

Por valkyre

Paladin (698)

imagem de valkyre

25-02-2022, 07:32

The magazine looks great. The only down side is that they haven't sent me the English version

Por shwaikh

Expert (84)

imagem de shwaikh

14-04-2022, 17:45


Im still waiting for mine oO