Ice Hopper

Por gdx

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20-02-2022, 09:53

Ice Hopper is a nice game in BASIC available to the link below but the disk image not work on several MSXs.
I don't know if it's because of the ZIP or the DSK. I managed to fix the issue by loading the BASIC program with OpenMSX emulating the Turbo R and replacing the DSK with another formatted for DOS1, then saving the BASIC program there.

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Por Louthrax

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20-02-2022, 10:45

Have you tried to just wait ? The game takes a long time to load (even after the disk stops), maybe to uncompress things...

I tried on openMSX with VG8245 and HB-F1XD (using the original .DSK) and it works OK here.

Por gdx

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20-02-2022, 13:06

The use of a formatted floppy disk for DOS1 also avoids the game to runs too quickly on MSX Turbo R.

Then the ZIP contains a hidden folder (created by MacOS) that prevents us from running the game directly from the ZIP with emulators.

Por Pineapple

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25-02-2022, 04:08

It loads slowly because it was saved in ascii format.