MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz

MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz

por MSXdev Team em 14-06-2022, 15:33
Tópico: Challenges
Tags: msxdev22, MSXdev

Keen on overpowering planet Earth, a menace lurks from beyond the stars.
Utilize the powerful female cyborg SVETLN_A7 with your lightspeed reflexes!
Stop the alien invaders from a parallel universe!
One dimension, one world, one invader...
Get ready for a hyperspace battle involving huge energy matrix blocks.
Enjoy the latest offering to the ever growing MSXdev game library, a rehash of MSXdev'17 entry SKULLrs!

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Relevant link: Micro Rocketz - MSXdev official
Relevant link: Micro Rocketz - play online

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  • MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz
  • MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz
  • MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz
  • MSXdev22 #11 Micro Rocketz

Comentários (15)

Por Juanmi

Master (158)

imagem de Juanmi

14-06-2022, 20:38

When someone enters a competition, whatever the subject matter, I think they enter with the intention of winning, or at least they think there is a chance of winning. Or they think they have done something minimal enough to be able to show it in public.

This Micro rocketz, I think, is a joke, an insult to people's intelligence. And it should have no place in a contest like MSX Dev. To see this advertised on the main page of a portal such as the MRC is a shame. Is this front page news?

Does anyone think that this can be called a game?

Por tfh

Prophet (3492)

imagem de tfh

14-06-2022, 21:25

Yeah, it's actually exactly almost the same as the MSXDev'17 entry Skullrs

Por Briqunullus

Paladin (860)

imagem de Briqunullus

14-06-2022, 22:22

Juanmi wrote:

When someone enters a competition, whatever the subject matter, I think they enter with the intention of winning, or at least they think there is a chance of winning. Or they think they have done something minimal enough to be able to show it in public.

Please don't be too harsh in your comments. If we only demand winning entries in msxdev, we would scare away a lot of contestants. Last year there were some entries that would never win, yet I enjoyed them a lot. For me, msxdev is also about the diversity of games that still get developed for our system. If you don't like a particular game, then don't play it. Simply leave it on the msxdev server to be forgotten. At least, that's what I do.

Por Juanmi

Master (158)

imagem de Juanmi

14-06-2022, 23:40

Hi Briqunullus,

There can be better games or worse games, games in basic or games in asm. There are magazine games that are a lot of fun. I like magazine games, especially japanese magazine games.

I don't claim that there are spectacular games. I've always argued that good games should be sold and not given away or entered in competitions, where they are often judged very unfairly and demoralizes the developer

But in this case, it's a total joke, anyone, with hardly any knowledge of any kind in programming can do the same, even better, because it's hard to do worse.

All I'm saying is that there should be a minimum of quality, requirements or common sense to be submitted to MSX Dev and advertised on the front page of MRC or any other MSX portal.

We are not 7 or 8 year olds childs showing mummy or daddy what we have managed to get on the computer screen.

Por Takamichi

Paladin (667)

imagem de Takamichi

15-06-2022, 05:36

PDF scoring sheet... ha ha Big smile reminded me of Magnavox Odyssey's manual scoring slider.

Por Uninteresting

Champion (378)

imagem de Uninteresting

15-06-2022, 06:52

I have participated in MSXdev for four times. The first time I thought there was a risk of winning something (winning is an undesirable outcome), and the one time I would've won something, I declined to receive the prize. My goals have been 1) to increase the number of entries by one to add to the visibility of the contest, 2) to set myself a challenge to write a functioning game by the deadline, and 3), "look what I managed to program (and explain it in a blog)", although I won't be showing the blog or the game to my parents.

I have to admit, though, that a small number of entries over the years have left me wondering about the purpose of submitting them in MSXdev. But that's not my headache, and the entries I referred to do not include the game co-created by a 10-year-old in '20.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

imagem de wolf_

15-06-2022, 13:11

On the one hand, yeah, I've typed in and played magazine listings that were more fun to play. On the other hand, the only real burden lies with the jury. The rest can choose to ignore this entry. Hannibal

I'd worry more about the top-3 than the bottom-3.

Por M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (128)

imagem de M-A-D-M-A-X

15-06-2022, 19:20

A new game at msx dev is always a good thing Smile

Maybe there will be improvements by then .....


Resident (39)

imagem de MSX-ALL

17-06-2022, 21:51

WOW... I am a bit surprised by the rage of some comments. Maybe I am misinterpreting the purpose of the contest, but I was under the impression it is an invitation for people to experience what would be the process of developing a game on a computer platform such as the MSX and share it with everyone else. Isn't it?

Besides, When I tried this one specific "game", it did something most other games fail to achieve: it brought me through a "revolution of mixed feelings"... First it was something like "cool opening image". Then, it came a bunch of textual inputs that caught my attention... "What is going on here?". Finally, the game started and... Wow... What a "crap"!!!! Disappointment? Frustration?? WTF is that??? Then I finally pushed the "space bar" a couple of times and... WOW again... Humm... It is not so bad... How many can I hit if I actually try it? First only 2... then 5... then 12... WOW (yeah, again). This time, excited. No time to think... In fact, I need to think fast! Synchronize my reflexes... (...)

DARN!!! Am I playing this "crap"? Sad

Yes, I am! And, it is actually... fun! Smile

Basically, it was ... surprising. Besides, it was also a time machine back to some of the first experiments people did with "games" in computers that, at that time, did not even have graphic mode or sounds.

Honestly speaking, the experience brought back big time, and at the end it was a very enjoyable personal moment for me. Of course, I believe others will experience and perceive it in multiple different manners and may not necessarily agree with me. Nevertheless, I don't think the "project" was something that deserved to be demolished with such rage and discouragement because... who knows? That may have been the intention of the creator all along.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4113)

imagem de hamlet

17-06-2022, 22:20

Thank you for your comment. You have a pleasant view, which I share.
I've been disappointed so many times in my life with graphically deceptive games that have no storyline that I'm glad to see honest games like this one.

Por AnsiStar

Master (147)

imagem de AnsiStar

19-06-2022, 18:14

I remenber a Listing game back in 86 ( MSX Revue Special ). The name was TIP KICK.
We played this game for hours in month. Very simple, very clever. Some may say what
a crap. I say it is genius!
Many greetings! Wink

Por defdanny

Scribe (401)

imagem de defdanny

19-06-2022, 23:03

ooh, I remember Tip Kick, too! Played it against my sister back then. You are absolutely right.

Por AxelStone

Prophet (3209)

imagem de AxelStone

25-06-2022, 10:51

Definitively it's not a game worth to participate in a competition, from my point of view. Of course anyone is free to make experiments and share, to make your own developments...but this entry is not worth to take part of any competition.

It's not a matter of graphics, complexity... (there are a lot of funny games done in pure basic), it's a matter of game design: very poor to be considered a real game instead of an experiment to learn.

I'm trying to be constructive, I don't want to be hard with developer, but the game is extremely poor in all senses.

Por black hawk

Master (134)

imagem de black hawk

10-07-2022, 21:50

The game is like going to a restaurant where you get cheap canned soup. This entry is not worthy of a contest.

Por Rataplan

Champion (364)

imagem de Rataplan

11-07-2022, 19:48

Well I've actually been playing this for about 15 minutes which is longer than most games I play Smile remember Flappy Bird? Ok it had better visuals, but the gameplay was... arguably crap. And yet it made millions.
I agree there could've been put more effort in this, but yet I seemed to be challenged to keep playing it for a bit . No need to exclude this.