MSX Fair Nijmegen 2023 - booth registration open

MSX Fair Nijmegen 2023 - booth registration open

por ro em 31-01-2023, 13:35
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The annual Dutch MSX fair in Nijmegen is being held on March the 25th this year and registration for this event has now been opened. Come in and join the happening.

For MSX lovers, there are still world-wide opportunities to meet fellow MSX fanatics in real-life for a system that celebrates its 40th birthday. One of these opportunities is coming March in the Netherlands. At the annual MSX Fair Nijmegen you are welcome to engage and enjoy the MSX show. Surrounded by other 8-bit geeks, you can visit the booths, have a chat, or two, spend cash and enjoy the company.

For any one who want to set-up a booth at the fair, the registration for that has just opened. Use the registration form to have your table secured.

With the fair comes the tradition to join the after-fair Chinese buffet, where we get together and share a meal. Send an e-mail to the organization if you want to participate to the feast. You're being served in the building that also hosts the fair, so no additional traveling needed.

The fair is a free entrance party - hope to see you there.

relevant link: official fair website
relevant link: MSX Fair Nijmegen announcement

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Por raymond

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31-01-2023, 18:52

Registered for one Big smile

Por lintweaker

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01-02-2023, 16:51

Already registered!

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Por Wlcracks

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08-02-2023, 07:59

Great this is happening again this year!

Por Ramon Ribas Casasayas

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11-02-2023, 17:23

Registered (as Conexion MSX)