[rate it] Panasonic FS-A1ST turbo R

Por stefA

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05-05-2023, 06:50

Dear all,
I have a spare turbo R that I could sell, but I’m not updated about the actual average price of these items.
The machine is in very good working and aesthetic conditions. It needs a new belt for the floppy drive. It comes without box.
Could you please help me in rating it?



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Por sdsnatcher73

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05-05-2023, 07:32

In my opinion a good working unmodified FS-A1ST is worth around €700 in the European/US markets. With the drive not working (which can be more trouble than just a new belt but you won’t know for sure until you try) I would say the value is around €650. With memory upgraded to 512kB and audio fix installed the price goes up to €800.

All this is for a machine in good aesthetics. Yellowing and other usage related wear will mark down the final price. A box adds €100, manuals and disk another €100 (but only €50 if there is no box).

Por Bengalack

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05-05-2023, 11:44

Pictures would be nice @stefA

Por syn

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05-05-2023, 12:56

if i can pick it up in the netherlands i might be interested

Por stefA

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05-05-2023, 20:09

Thanks a lot sdsnatcher73!

Por leonlas

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05-05-2023, 22:25

Interesting equipment. Depending on the price, I might be interested.

Por Bengalack

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06-05-2023, 07:59

I need a real tR for developing and testing out my new projects so I'm interested. Hoping to make some great stuff with tR Smile Feel free to send me an email directly (mail on my profile).