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Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

imagem de BiFi

06-07-2004, 09:57

Here are RoGo (Rob and Gonny de Groot), who sold those cool MSX cover's t-shirts.

Por Abi

Hero (600)

imagem de Abi

11-07-2004, 21:30

GonnieTongue and i (Abi) was with them often Big smile

Por W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

imagem de W76NearDark

08-01-2006, 22:57

Are Rob and Gonnie in some way still involved with MSX?

Por Abi

Hero (600)

imagem de Abi

19-03-2006, 19:04

Yes and No.....
I get some nice pieces of hardware and software from them last year.
I am still in contact with them we were (and are) still close together.
The do notting with MSX anymore, but they got thier own company as glass cleaner etc.
Thier compant name is: ROGO -Klus en clean- , so they still got thier name related to thier MSX name Smile
btw, I grown up with thier MSX 1 !! but that's another story!