An updated version of MSX-DOS2.SYS by NYYRIKKI.
See this newspost for the details.

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MSXDOS2.SYS_V2.40.ZIP3.79 КБ36751 день 12 часов назад

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Enlighted (6935)

Аватар пользователя ARTRAG

30-10-2017, 07:29

Well done! Greetings!

By KdL

Paragon (1451)

Аватар пользователя KdL

30-10-2017, 15:30

An amazing update!


Enlighted (6067)

Аватар пользователя NYYRIKKI

30-10-2017, 18:41

Thanks guys! I always appreciate good feedback, but especially when it comes from tech-savvy people like you two. I'm honored.

By mboixo

Resident (40)

Аватар пользователя mboixo

02-11-2017, 20:43

No Nextor compatible??

By leonlas

Master (138)

Аватар пользователя leonlas

08-02-2019, 18:59

I have HBdos and I use BEER IDE but I want to run DOS2 for MSX2 + I do not know how to install on the MSXDOS 2 partition so that BEER will run not with HBDOS only MSXDOS2. I have a diskette image and I made a DOS2 floppy. When I try to run from a DOS2 floppy, it will not be started by BASIC in capital letters only. Help me do it all in order - I am new to MSX ... Crying oO