FM Music Macro speech synthesis (YRM-104, YRM-504)

By SyouonKi

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01-06-2014, 02:51


Using blueMSX I'm emulating the Yamaha CX5M with the SFG-05 and YRM-104/504 roms. I then enter the commands as described here but what I'm getting is a horribly distorted male sounding voice. My father once had the CX5M and he tells me the voice is actually supposed to be a clear female voice. We've tried a combination of various machines, options and ROMs but all seem to result in the same distorted voice. We also tried the speech synthesis using openMSX but that doesn't output any voice at all even though it's accepting the commands.

Is there anything I may be able to do to get the correct voice?

Btw, for those who want to know like my father did, when you enter something it can't pronounce you are told (from what I understood through the distortion and my current level of Japanese): "Machigai ga arimasu. Mouichido o yoku shite kudasai." - There is a mistake. Once more, do it well/properly please.

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By kuro

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07-06-2014, 15:41

Hi SyouonKi.

horribly distorted male sounding voice is true.
this movie is very very fast forward voice.

and this movie program list.

It understands, if it tries.