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By slowerisbetter

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11-10-2014, 09:52


Sylvester wrote:

I have added all MSX Gids entries (1-27, x1 and x2) to GenMSX:

Still missing the covers for 2, 7, 10, 11


So #8 was definitely one I was looking for (it was the first magazine I ever bought; it's strange and hard to believe myself, but I was 12 at the time and I had no idea 'magazines for computers' actually existed while I had MSXs for 4 years at that time!! After that I bought / subscribed to everything I could find). So hopefully I can get get the paper and/or at least the PDF version from someone :)

Edit: ah and the other one was with another Nemesis (I'm addicted, still; I have a 8250 in the living room with Nemesis1,2,3,Salamander,Space Mambo; a Nintendo with Gradius (that one is so easy...) and a PS2 with Gradius V (that one is so hard...) and I have a C64 with Gradius which is unplayable; all original hardware of course) which is #15.

By Sylvester

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11-10-2014, 18:54

Ok just scanned my first magazine, MSX Gids 19:

Also added lots of dutch magazines:

- MSX Info (I thinks it's not complete, but i don't have all magazines)
- XSW-Magazine (missing covers from issue 1 till 24, and aren't there people still active in this community from MSX-NBNO who own the original files of the magazines to generate PDF's ?)
- Software Gids (what is the latest version that contains MSX?)
- MSX Club Magazine (complete)
- MSX Computer Magazine (complete)
- MSX Computer and Club Magazine (complete)

By slowerisbetter

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Аватар пользователя slowerisbetter

11-10-2014, 18:59

Woohoo & kudos for Sylvester; I'm checking which mags I have which I cannot find online. These are all Dutch; the ones from the UK (general gaming/coding) are all scanned and can be found everywhere.

By CX5Mer

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20-10-2014, 13:39

Thanks for the links to MSX Computer Magazine! I can read and understand all of that. I'll be reading through that archive before continuing trying to decipher MSX Fan magazine.

By Junior

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15-04-2015, 00:27

I'm scanning the complete set of the Msx_Gids and dropt Nr.13 on-line .

By Samor

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15-04-2015, 11:11

thanks Junior Smile

@Sylvester how do you download from ISSUU?

By mars2000you

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15-04-2015, 12:22

You need to register and log in, then 'Download' should be available in Share. It was the case in the past, but it seems that the Download feature has been disabled by the uploader ...

There's a solution. Go to this Spanish site : Enter the issuu page of the magazine, the number of the last page. It will convert the issuu page into a html page. You can then print this page while directing to PDF Creator, and you'll get a PDF file !

By Grauw

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17-04-2015, 21:57

Hmm, Delta Basic ad on page 49… No 24K limit on the size, procedures, and windows?

By Samor

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24-01-2016, 13:26

Here's MSX Gids nr. 14:

I have a scanner with a feeder now, that makes scanning these a lot easier, although I have to cut the paper.
I'll try to do a few more soon, but I better use a proper paper cutter instead of scissors.

...unless I missed the part where someone already scanned them all.

By AxelF

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24-01-2016, 14:47

Thank you very much Samor, keep up the great job. Smile

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