Several MSX (related) items for sale

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By Manuel

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Аватар пользователя Manuel

12-03-2016, 21:41

The book explains what's new in MSX2+ and tells you how to make use of these things in basic and machine language. Mostly graphics, kanji and MSX-MUSIC related.

By -Neo-

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Аватар пользователя -Neo-

14-03-2016, 13:38

Thanks for the info. There are indeed some listings in the book.

By -Neo-

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Аватар пользователя -Neo-

23-03-2016, 23:09

Items sold till now:

1. SLG in a box
2. UT-130E 220-240V to 100V power converter
3. GFX9000 - EUR 90 -> First version (in black box) including software (3 disks)
4. Metal Gear game cartridge

Still available:

5. 2x one button The Arcade joysticks - EUR30 (or 17,50 a piece)


8. MSX Joypad Elecom JC-100 - EUR 40

9. 2x MSX Turbo R original disk drives including mounting brackets (a ST and a GT one) - 70EUR a piece or 130EUR for both (belts to be replaced)

10. 1x PC disk drive including modification and adapter for usage in MSX Turbo R - EUR50 -> I tried it and it works good although the drive does not fit 100% perfect (bot doable).

11. MSX Fan disks including holder numer 10,11 and 12 - EUR50 for all three or EUR20 for each

12. MSX Fan guide disk including holder - EUR20

13. A MSX2+ book I have no idea what it is. Look at the pictures for the photo with the robot with the yellow head on the front page. If you know what this MSX book is about please let me know as I am curious. With regard to the price: Just make an offer if you want it.

14. 2x MSX Fan paper Magazine (April/May 1993 and Novemer 1991) - EUR12,50 a piece or 20EUR for both

If you want a certain item but like to make another offer as the asking price please let me know your offer.

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