question regarding flashcart

By Elrinth

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19-05-2016, 18:09


I'm somewhat noob @ msx.
I notice there is something called Mega Flash ROM SCC+ SD + 512kb. There is one which takes 2 sd slots... When would you need to have 2 slots?!
Also, is this the best flash cart available?

I've got an FS-A1GT incoming and I hope to use it for music production. Which items do you suggest I get besides one of these flash carts?

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By Grauw

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Аватар пользователя Grauw

19-05-2016, 18:18

Yeah IMO it is the best expansion cartridge for MSX. 2 SD slots can be useful if you want to transfer files between SD cards on the MSX, or in case one breaks. However, for most users it's not really useful, so I think you'd be perfectly fine with the 1-slot version.

By syn

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19-05-2016, 18:39

Yeah I still need to get one at some point. Smile

By Wild_Penguin

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26-05-2016, 17:04

I think the price between 1slot vs 2slot is so small that I got the 2-slot version... but really I agree with what Grauw said, 1 slot is enough for most users.

Maybe if you needed just a few files (from a fellow MSXer?) the other slot could come in handy - or, to reduce the need to remove the already installed SDcard when transferring just a few files to/from a PC to the MFRSCC+SD. For larger file transfers, it makes sense to do them on a PC just for the sake of transfer speed (which means the second slot will be useless in that situation).

By Elrinth

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Аватар пользователя Elrinth

27-05-2016, 21:13

I've got mine now. But I'm having troubles using it...
Once I have flashed a rom with OPFXSD and reboot. I can play that game... but I can never try to flash anything after that..
I can get into recovery mode and delete whatever I flashed with F1.
But I can't get into the mode where I'm able to see what's on the SD card or flash stuff...
I try: "CALL MAPDRV("B:",2)
but I just get: invalid device or LUN

I also try: CALL SYSTEM and it doesn't work.
The "tutorial" doesn't mention these problems.

By Elrinth

Resident (54)

Аватар пользователя Elrinth

27-05-2016, 21:25

seems booting into msx dos and doing FDISK and remaking the partition for my SD card made it boot properly into the filemanager again

now I'm curious, how can I boot trilotracker via the flashcart?

By Elrinth

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Аватар пользователя Elrinth

28-05-2016, 00:53

I feel so stupid.. simply typing TT would start it Tongue
I wish I could edit my comments above, but seems forum only allows editing for a short while.

By gdx

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28-05-2016, 02:36

The interest of the two slots is to keep a clean card at 100% and avoid incompatibility issues. Windows or Mac OS X writes hidden files on discs and can write long file names. This is annoying for the classification of files but it can also cause problems in the FAT. So if you use your MSX just to test your creation and launch sometime a few games, only one slot is enough. Otherwise, prefer two slots! It's also more convenient when there are several partitions.

Grauw wrote:

Yeah IMO it is the best expansion cartridge for MSX.

What do you think of the cartridge GR8NET?