Analog Joysticks

By pmack

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Аватар пользователя pmack

08-04-2019, 20:54

Hello all
I was wondering if there are any analog joysticks for MSX. I found a few threads but not conclusive. Are there are such joysticks out there? How about game support? Would games like Arkanoid support these joysticks?

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Аватар пользователя NYYRIKKI

08-04-2019, 21:03

No & No

... with little electronic skills it would be quite trivial to adapt ie. old PC analog joystick to MSX and read it on BASIC with PAD-commands, but still... No existing software support or even de facto standard way to connect it.

By TomH

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Аватар пользователя TomH

08-04-2019, 21:50

I'd deviate slightly from that assessment: there's no existing standard and no widespread software support, but there are existing analogue joysticks. The wiki lists fingerprints for both "Dual-axis analog controller" and "IBM-PC DA15 joystick adapter" so both of those things definitely exist and could in principle be detected reliably had any software every tried; you'll also notice "Micomsoft XE1-AP analog mode", which is not automatically distinguishable from a lightgun but is an analogue joystick that exists and could be read as an analogue joystick by properly-written MSX software if any existed.

So, yes, the physical things are out there, somewhere.

Arkanoid seems to support its own analogue paddle — somebody more au fait with that would need to offer an opinion on whether you could extend its protocol to two dimensions.